Who Rattled your Cage slave?!

Those who follow My Twitter feed will have noticed that one evening last week I used a slave as My sex-doll – one of My favourite ways to pass an evening (or even all night) now the days are drawing-in!

He arrived as instructed soundly secured in the steel chastity-device that I fitted to him a few weeks ago when he last attended Me – not that he had any choice really as of course I keep the only key to his device and it is a strong high quality steel cage that fits tightly around his balls with a ratchet mechanism resembling one half of a pair of handcuffs. Any attempt to loosen or free his genitals is likely to only encourage the device to click up a notch so that it becomes even tighter – Heaven only knows how he would explain it if he were to be involved in some sort of accident and were taken to hospital! (Ha-Ha!)

I retain the key to his device and lock him into it every time he is dismissed from My presence following a session, so the only time he is actually allowed to be free from the device is when he is serving Me. Of course, I own his cock and I don’t want him playing with himself between visits, so I have every right to lock his (My) cock away if I so choose. The device is very restrictive and although it permits him to urinate without too much trouble it very quickly becomes excruciatingly uncomfortable if he becomes even semi-erect whilst it is in place. He has asked My permission to have the device temporarily removed so that he can go away on holiday at Christmas but I may just ‘forget’ to be at home when he stops-by on the way to the airport, so that he has to explain himself when he triggers the airport metal-detectors (lol!)

I do enjoy teasing him when he arrives by flaunting my naked body in front of him before ‘remembering’ to release him and delight in witnessing his obvious discomfort as his penis swells in an attempt to become erect, causing the sharp metal edges to cunt into the soft sensitive skin of his genitals – what fun! Of course, when I do finally release his penis from it’s constrictive cage so that I can make use of it for My own pleasure, I can not only be sure that I have exclusive use of it but that his balls will be absolutely bursting with sperm. He will be absolutely desperate for release but of course I prohibit him from ejaculating until I have fully satisfied My own sexual desires – and woe betide him if he should be unable to control himself and he squirts before I give him permission to do so!

So, as I was feeling in a particularly horny mood when he reported to Me last week, I decided to pull a latex sex-doll hood over his head once he had stripped naked and was kneeling before me awaiting My pleasure. Sitting on the plush velvet stool at My mirrored dressing-table I told him to stand naked in front of Me as I reached into the drawer to retrieve the key to his chastity device, noticing with some amusement that he was already becoming erect and the cage was cutting into the flesh of his tumescent organ. I deftly released the lock and yanked the device off roughly (paying no heed to the yelp of discomfort that My action brought from him) and allowed the device to clatter noisily to the floor. “Now get yourself erect for Me “ I instructed him and settled back as he dutifully began to wank his penis whilst I watched. “That’s it, make it nice & hard ready for your Mistress to enjoy” I purred and was pleased to see that his erection was swelling nicely as he stroked it dutifully.

A minute later and his tool was standing stiff & proud so I slapped his hand away “That’ll do slave!” I barked “your cock exists for My pleasure, not yours!”  Reaching out I gripped his swollen balls and squeezed the hard. “I hope these are full of spunk for Me? I enquired. “Yes, Mistress, I haven’t ejaculated in over three weeks” He replied. “Good” I mused and laughed out loud as looked up at his stupid open-mouthed sex-doll face. “Now get over there and let me use you as My sex-doll” I commanded. He scurried across My playroom and lay down on the latex sheet I had laid out and I stood up & followed him naked apart from my spike-heeled stilettos & long latex gloves. Standing astride him I lowered Myself down onto his stiff stalk guiding it into My warm, wet opening with My latex gloved hand savouring the feeling of ‘My’ penis filling My sex (his penis is satisfyingly thick – especially around the base). Once settled onto his stalk I began to ride him as he lay motionless beneath Me, knowing that his job was to provide a throbbing erection fro Me to enjoy for as long as I wished and that if he dared ejaculate and go soft before I had fully satiated My desires he would suffer a severe punishment for failing to please Me. And so I used him as a human dildo for probably half-an hour – pausing just once to take a rest and fetch a glass of chilled Champagne for Myself before mounting & riding his tool again, bringing Myself to several satisfying orgasms as he lay there being totally used and trying desperately not to ejaculate until I had finished with him.

Finally I stood-up satiated, and reached down with My gloved hand to stroke his erection which was now coated with My sex juices. “Very good slave” I purred “now you have My permission to ejaculate” and I set to work wanking his stiff meat with My slippery latex-gloved hand. Within half a minute he suddenly groaned “Ah…aah…aaaaah”! and several hot jets of thick white sperm squirted a good eighteen inches into the air in hot powerful jets, splattering back down onto his own chest as he finally emptied his heavy balls of their contents. “Very nice” I remarked and reached across to pick-up the steel cage from where it had fallen earlier when I had released him ready to be used. Although his erection was still at least half it’s full size I crammed it roughly into the steel cage and snapped the ratchet shut tight around the base of his balls making him cry out in pain. “Shut up!” I reprimanded him and stood-up to look down at the sticky mess he was in with the harsh metal device obviously cutting into his still semi-stiff cock. “My what a mess you are in” I laughed and standing astride him again I said “Perhaps you need a shower” at which point I squatted slightly and emptied My bladder in a hot stream all over him – being sure to aim some of My golden liquid into the open-mouth hole of his latex mask so he would have no choice other than to swallow it. Once I’d soaked him with My liquid I walked off leaving him saturated on the floor. “Now clean-up all that mess and report back to Me when you have done so” I ordered.

Twenty minutes later I returned to My playroom to find him kneeling naked but still wearing the sex-doll hood awaiting My further attention having wiped his own sperm from his body & mopped the floor clean as instructed. “Excellent” I confirmed and unzipped the latex sex-doll hood so that I could pull it from his head. “Stand!” I commanded and he dutifully did as he was told. Reaching down I checked that his chastity device was seated firmly and satisfied that it could not be removed without the key, I popped the key safely back into My dressing–table drawer. “you are dismissed” I said and sat & watched as he dressed in front of Me before kneeling and kissing My boots. “Thank-you Mistress. Thank-you for using me as your sex-slave” he murmured. “And for allowing you to ejaculate!” I prompted. “Yes, yes…and for allowing me release” he added hurriedly.

A minute later and he had left, once again locked securely into the steel cage that serves as a constant inconvenient (and often painful!) reminder that his penis belongs exclusively to Me and I am safe in the knowledge that only I will get to enjoy it all the time I hold the key to his chastity device. I just hope I don’t ever ‘accidentally’ misplace it or we will either have to employ the services of a very discreet locksmith or call the Fire Brigade to set him free from it!

Here’s one of My lucky cock-caged slaves trying desperately (and hopelessly) not to become erect whilst I flaunt My body in front of him – is it starting to hurt yet?!

Caged Cock-Slave (5)