The Punishment Should Fit The Crime!

I’m a great believer in a punishment fitting the crime and it’s a policy I always endeavor to adopt when dealing with slaves who displease Me with their conduct in some way. For example, recently a handyman slave made a right mess of wiring in a new light fitting at My home – when I checked the spacing between the cable-clips he had used to run the cable along one of the ceiling beams of My cottage, I noticed that some of the clips were up to 5mm out of alignment which of course was totally unacceptable. So, I took up a spare length of the thick cable he’d been using that was lying close-by and proceeded to whip his bare arse viciously with it to teach him a lesson. Such cable really is eminently suitable for bringing up bright red weals on a slave’s bare buttocks and by the time I’d finished his arse was criss-crossed with stinging stripes where the cable had stung his flesh. I can be sure that next time I set him a task to do he will be sure to carry it out perfectly as I will not accept shoddy workmanship of any kind.

I also had to take My gardening slave to task in the week as he’d managed to uproot one of My shrubs whilst carrying out some weeding in My flower beds. He said he thought it was a weed, so I marched him across to a fence alongside My outdoor play-area where I have a wild rose growing up the fence to a height of about four feet and tied him to the fence post with his bare flesh & genitals resting against the thorny foliage. I then proceeded to administer a sound thrashing with My whip, knowing that every time I landed a blow on his buttocks not only would he suffer the stinging pain from My whip but his natural reaction to the blow would be to jerk his body forward onto the thorns pressed against the soft flesh of his cock & balls. You should have heard him squeal as I meted out his punishment and when I’d finally finished and untied him his scrotum was actually stuck to the thorns in several places, which was of course excruciatingly painful for him – how I laughed!

Well, I had cause to come up with an appropriate punishment for one of My slaves this week when, despite having specifically requested when making his appointment that I arrange for him to perform enforced-bi duties at My Glory-Hole, he called Me the day prior to his session saying that he had got ‘cold feet’ and didn’t think he would be able to actually go through with it. By now of course I had already arranged for another slave to attend and push his cock through My Glory-Hole during the slave’s session, so I had to cancel his attendance, which is most annoying as I do not like to be messed around.

So, with My ‘punishment fitting the crime’ ethos in mind, I set about arranging suitable punishment for the errant slave (le’s call him slave B) to endure during his session and thought it would be an ideal opportunity to call into service My ejaculating dildo – a nine-inch realistic dong with a suction-cup which enables Me to attach it to the mirrored wall that runs the full length of one side of My playroom at the perfect height for a kneeling slave to be made to fellate it. I often instruct My slaves to kneel and suck the big rubber cock as though they were sucking-off another slave (or My big black bull) for My amusement and it is no doubt totally humiliating for a slave to be made to perform oral sex on a cock (even a rubber one) whilst his Mistress looks on and laughs at the sight of him with a big penis in his mouth. Sometimes I even take pictures of their pathetic efforts and send them to My Mistress friends for their amusement and being mirror-mounted the slave has a perfect view of himself sucking on a big stiff meaty cock, so he can fully appreciate what a dirty little slut he is being made to be for his Mistress!

Well the rubber dong has a bulb attached to a tube that runs up through the length of the cock to the ‘urethra’ opening at the top of thee big swollen knob, which I can fill with whatever liquid it may amuse Me to do so. With this in mind I ‘milked’ two slaves of extremely heavy loads during the previous day’s sessions in My playroom and retained their ejaculate in a jar ready for me to utilize the next day. Prior to slave B’s arrival I sucked-up their mixed sperm into the bulb of the ejaculating dildo, so it was it primed & ready for use when I required it.

Well slave B duly arrived for his appointment and was extremely apologetic at having ‘bottled out’ as he put it of going through with the enforced-bi scenario he had originally requested. I told him that I was not best pleased at being messed around but that I had a suitable punishment in mind for him to endure that would teach him not to do so again. Once in My playroom I secured slave B to My St Andrews cross and administered a sound thrashing to his bare buttocks for wasting my time. Once I’d finished I freed him from the cross and instructed him to kneel facing the rubber cock affixed to My mirrored wall. “Now show Me how you suck cock like a dirty little slut!” I ordered and watched as he took the big rubber tool into his mouth and began to suck it in & out. “That’s it, suck it like a fucking slut” I laughed “Suck it like you should have been sucking the real cock I’d arranged to come through the Glory-Hole”. Slave B was making a big show of sucking the rubber dong like a total whore so I walked around behind him to watch. “Such a shame you are a wimp who chickened out of sucking a real cock whilst I watch” I purred. “I was so looking forward to watching you do so and swallow a big load of fresh sperm when he unloaded in your mouth”. “Mmmmmff” slave B mumbled – his mouth full of rubber cock. Bending over him I grabbed his hair hard and held his head in place with the dong buried deep in his throat whilst My other hand discreetly took up the bulb out of his view. “Well I’ve got a little surprise for you” I laughed and suddenly squeezed the bulb hard, forcing the disgusting contents to squirt straight into his mouth!

The look of surprise on his face was an absolute picture as the shock of his mouth being suddenly & unexpectedly flooded with fluid, followed a second later by utter horror as the taste made it obvious that it was spunk made him gag and a gargled groan emanated from his rubber & sperm filled mouth. “Shut up and swallow it you dirty little slut!” I barked holding his head firmly in place as he attempted to pull hid head away from it’s position orally impaled on the rubber cock. “SWALLOW IT!” I shouted and held his head tightly in place and stared at his shocked & horrified face in the mirror until he realized that he had no choice other than to do as I instructed and he finally gulped down the disgusting muck. Once I was satisfied that he had done so I pulled his head off the dong and tipped it backwards. “Show Me” I said and he dutifully opened his mouth so that I could check that he had indeed swallowed every last drop. “Good” I said and then went on to tell him how I had milked a couple of slaves the previous day and kept their spunk with the intention of forcing him to swallow it as a punishment for messing Me around with the Goory-Hole scenario, reveling in the look of horror on his face when I mentioned that both the slaves were old & fat and rubbing it in that he’d just swallowed their mixed day-old cum. I think he definitely learned his lesson and won’t be wasting my valuable time by requesting things that he hasn’t got the courage to actually do. I do not suffer fools gladly and have no time whatsoever for time-wasting fantasists!

I’ve had such fun with My mirror-mounted dildo that it occurred to Me that I should procure an ejaculating strap-on dildo which I could to fit into My strap-on harness and fuck a slave up the arse whilst he is helplessly strapped to My steel Fetters bondage bench after having filled the bulb having ‘milked’ several slaves and collected their ejaculate. What fun it would be to squeeze the bulb and squirt the filthy contents up their arse as I fuck them, whilst telling them explicitly what it is they can feel squirting into their anus!

So, let this sermon be a lesson to you slaves that if you see fit to disappoint Me in any way, then you will expect to receive an appropriately pertinent punishment to teach you the error of your ways – and rest assured that I have a very fertile imagination when dreaming-up such chastisements! Now, here’s a little selfie I took in My mirrored playroom of a lucky slave sucking My strap-on before I turned him around and drove My rubber phallus deep into his tight puckered bum-hole, making him squeal like a stuck pig! (lol)

Strap-On Sucker