Mistress ALWAYS Cums First!

Firstly I must issue a warning – Beware of fake profiles! This past couple of weeks I have had several people contact Me via e-mail, referring to supposed previous correspondence between ‘Me’ and them via sites including ‘Fetster’ & ‘CollarSpace’. Apparently ‘I’ have supposedly contacted them stating that I am planning a USA/Canada ‘tour’ (whatever that might be?!) and suggesting that I am seeking a slave based in these countries to assist Me in running errands etc. whilst I am there. This is utter nonsense and these profiles are fake, having nothing whatsoever to do with Me! I believe ‘I’ then go on to suggest that the recipient needs to transfer money into an account to prove that they are genuine and not a time-waster. As far as I am aware, no-one has actually parted with any money through this means and I hope they never do. I have reported these fraudulent profiles to the WebMasters of both sites and hopefully they will remove the offenders from their site but do be cautious – I never e-mail people to solicit their assistance in any respect.

On a more positive front, I am this week in discussion with a major European adult DVD distributor with a view to them releasing My recent Dom Female Boss production entitled ‘Bitch Of A Boss’. The DVD features Me as a Domineering boss who delights in taking an errant employee to task over his poor performance at work and subjects him to all manner of degrading punishments to see just how much he suffer in an attempt to keep his job. The second scene features me interviewing a potential new employee and making it perfectly clear that if he wants the job, he will need to pander to My insatiable sexual desires and ensure that I am totally satisfied. Both scenes feature a heady blend of BDSM activities including ball-busting, whipping & ‘Queening’ etc. plus there’s plenty of full-on sex to keep the ‘vanilla’ viewers happy too – including my favourite scene where I cuckold my employee by fucking the fit young office boy in front of him and then forcing him to lick My creamy slit clean after the young lad has filled Me with a big load of hot cum! The covers have yet to be designed and of course duplication & distribution needs to be arranged but hopefully the finished DVDs should be available early in the New Year.

Now to answer a question I’m often asked by males lucky enough to be used by Me as My sex-toy…”What if I ejaculate and go soft before you are fully satisfied Mistress?” Well of course this is a situation that I would find to be highly frustrating and totally unacceptable as My pleasure comes first and I do not take kindly to being disappointed!   Slaves are instructed that they are not permitted to cum until I have fully satisfied Myself on their erection but it is an undeniable fact that the exquisite sensation of feeling My deliciously tight wet sex enveloping a male’s penis is often so arousing that a poor slave simply cannot hold back, even though I have ordered him to and ends up squirting before I have fully finished riding on his stiff stalk. Many slaves stay hard even after ejaculating of course as they are in such a high state of excitement from having Me use their penis for My pleasure and that then affords Me the opportunity to continue pleasuring myself until I am sated.

I reserve the right to administer Viagra to a slave prior to using him as My toy to ensure that he is stiff for as long as I wish to use him but if a slave should squirt and go soft whilst I am riding his erection I have a very useful device that I always keep handy to ensure that I am never disappointed and that My pussy is appropriately pleased whenever I desire. It is an extremely stretchy black rubber dong of around eight inches in length (and with a pleasingly thick girth) that is hollow which enables Me to slide it over a slave’s penis so that his cock (soft or hard) sits inside it. The base has a ring made of the same stretchy material which enables Me to pull it around & secure it behind his balls to hold the black rubber phallus firmly in place over his own dick. The pressure makes the slave’s balls bulge which can be quite painful for him but that is his punishment for not being able to pleasure Me naturally (Ha-Ha!) I am then able to mount & ride the black rubber tool whilst it is strapped securely to their scrotum for as long as I desire. Of course the dong is rather thick so the poor slave feels nothing at all whilst I use him but what do I care – and he does after all have the pleasure of watching Me bring Myself to orgasm whilst his penis is inside me, even if he can’t feel anything at all!

Here’s a snap of Me about to put My ‘Pussy Pleaser’ device to good use. After all, as far as I’m concerned, men are simply dildos with a life-support system attached! (lol)

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