Retail Therapy At My money-pig’s Expense!

An amusing day today as My good friend Mistress Lara decided to pay Me an unexpected visit. Luckily I had a domestic slave (I just call him dog) here carrying out his usual weekly chores, so I was able to instruct him to break off from cleaning My toilet to prepare & serve us a light lunch of sea bass fillets with new potatoes and asparagus tips. However, whilst we were enjoying our repast and ‘dog’ came over to refresh our Champagne glasses, Mistress Lara suddenly let out a horrified cry and pointed to his groin where the tiny white maid’s apron I have him wear whilst he is working was being distended by something beneath it. Reaching out Mistress Lara tugged the apron to one side and we were both disgusted to find that his horrible little penis was erect (if you can possibly call a mere five inches an erection?!) “Oh My God!” Mistress Lara cried “the dirty little pig has an erection from looking at us!” “You filthy little worm!” I exclaimed and slapped him hard across the face but Mistress Lara knew exactly what to do and without pausing she lunged forward to shove the fork she had been using to eat her lunch straight into his stupid little sausage! He let out a piercing squeal of pain but Mistress Lara just pulled the fork out of his pierced skin only to shove it just as hard back into his pathetic little cock again making him squeal even louder. “Ha!” I laughed picking up my own fork and we both spent the next thirty seconds or so repeatedly stabbing our dinner forks into his genitals as he wriggled & writhed in a vain attempt to avoid our sharp cutlery implements. How we laughed whilst he shrieked like a stuck pig and by the time we’d finished, his silly little sausage certainly wasn’t engorged any longer – it was a complete mess of rows of angry red fork-pricks and looked very sorry for itself indeed! “Now get out of our sight you disgusting object” I laughed and gave him a sharp kick in the scrotum before he turned to beat a hasty & welcome retreat from our wrath.

Well that really made us laugh and Mistress Lara said that she had decided to stop in to see Me on her way to the nearby Designer Outlet shopping centre where she was planning on buying some new tight designer jeans. She suggested that I might like to accompany her which I thought was a splendid idea, so I told ‘dog’ to get dressed so that he could chauffeur us to the shopping centre. Of course. designer jeans can be somewhat expensive, so I picked-up My ‘phone and dialed the number of one of My money-pig slaves, instructing him to be at the Designer Outlet at exactly 3pm with his bank card. As I was already resplendent in a tight shiny black lycra catsuit with knee-boots, I was perfectly attired for an impromptu shopping-trip, so no change of outfit was required.

And so, a couple of hours later, a little after 3pm, Mistress Lara & I arrived at the row of three ATMs in the shopping centre lobby, where sure enough My money-pig was waiting dutifully if somewhat nervously. Striding over to him I introduced Mistress Lara (who was looking hot in a pair of black spray-on jeans with spike-heeled ankle boots and a short leather jacket) and told him that we required funds for a shopping trip. Reaching straight into his jacket pocket I took out his wallet and opened it to find six twenty pound notes and a couple of tens. “Oh dear, this won’t go very far” I complained “what cards do you have?” as I stuffed the cash into My pocket anyway. “Shut up!” I ordered as he began to mumble a reply and reaching into his wallet I found a bank card and a VISA credit card. “Right, you can withdraw cash on both of these cards” I said “so do so and take out the maximum you can”. Mistress Lara and I stood over him as he dutifully inserted his cards into the ATM, entered his PIN and withdrew the maximum daily limits of £500 on his bank card and £300 on his VISA credit card. We snatched the cash from the machine’s dispensing slot before he even had a chance to touch it and divided it equally between us right in front of him before turning on our heels and simply walking off leaving him standing there without even saying a word – Ha-Ha!

Having ‘raped’ his wallet for a little over £900 we spent a most enjoyable couple of hours in the shopping centre blowing his cash on some new designer jeans each and some other fripperies before we finally decided to stop off for a well-earned glass of something chilled & fizzy in a local cocktail bar. Feeing particularly mischievous, we decided to call up My money-pig and openly gloat at having blown his hard-earned cash on ourselves, even laughing when he said he had no cash at all now until he could withdraw some more from his account the next day – like we cared?!

Once back at My place we told ‘dog’ to strip & stand naked in front of us and masturbate as we sat on My leather sofas and ridiculed him, laughing openly at his pathetic little penis. To further torment him we both took off our tops and instructed him to look at our breasts whilst he masturbated and of course it wasn’t long before he ejaculated – little spurts of white sperm dribbling out of the end of his stupid little prick as he wanked it with three fingers to plop onto the floor in front of him. Howling with laughter at his totally inadequate penis and the pathetic little puddle of sperm he’d managed to coax from it I ordered him to get down on all fours and lick up the disgusting sticky mess he’d just deposited on my hardwood floor. Mistress Lara & I looked on in disgust as he dutifully licked up his own dirty juice and once he’d finished I suggested Mistress Lara might like to take him into My playroom and do whatever she wanted with him. She thought that was an excellent idea and kicked him through the door into My playroom where she spent the next half-hour or so doing to him I know not what (nor do I care!) However, judging by Her howls of laughter I heard emanating from My playroom (accompanied by shrieks of pain from ‘dog’) I would venture that she had a thoroughly enjoyable time (lol).

Of course, after a hard-day’s shopping a Lady likes to put her feet up and where better than on My slave’s sensitive nipples – just a shame (for him) that I was wearing My spike-heeled stiletto thigh-boots at the time! And I’ve told him that if he so much a squeaks or wriggles whilst I grind My sharp heels into his chest he’ll be taking the strap-on I’m also wearing deep in his arse! (lol)