2017 – The Year Of the MILFstress!

As my followers on Twitter will already be aware, I have been in the studio this past week shooting some exciting new images for my forthcoming 2017 wall calendar. I spent a very enjoyable day at My photographer’s studio with a lucky slave enacting a selection of scenarios from Ball-Busting to Face-Sitting and judging by the non-stop erection he was sporting throughout the day I think it would be perfectly safe to say that he had a most enjoyable & stimulating day! I say ‘non-stop’ but of course I didn’t want his erection appearing in the finished calendar shots as it would make displaying the calendar somewhat awkward for many people, so I had to ‘discourage’ his stiff penis once I had changed into My next outfit and we were again ready to shoot. I did this by either severely whipping his silly little cock with my crop until if shriveled sufficiently to enable us to shoot or by applying a shock to his testicles through discreetly attached electrodes if the shot would permit it and I have to say both methods seemed to work equally well – although both methods proved to be equally painful for him! (lol) I have already selected my favourite images from the shoot and approved the design layout, so the calendar is currently being printed in Holland and should be available before Christmas. If you would like to procure your own copy then you may e-mail Me and I will advise you how you may do so but be quick as the print-run is limited and it’s sure to sell-out soon & become a future collector’s item.

Also exciting news is that I have taken delivery of My new bespoke, hand-made throne from Germany which now takes pride of place in My playroom. Sumptuously upholstered in rich red velour in a French Baroque style it is perfect for Me to perch My pert posterior upon whilst lucky slaves worship My feet – or My sex if I wish to recline and part my thighs to allow then to pleasure Me orally with their tongue. I shall endeavor to have My photographer capture Me reclining naked upon it to upload to my Gallery for your delectation & delight in the not-too-distant future.

Another new acquisition to My eclectic array of BDSM equipment is a black silicon penis-sheath which I have procured from a company in Germany with a view to solving one of the problems I often encounter when using a slave’s erect penis as a human dildo for my own pleasure. The sad fact is that as My sex is so exquisitely tight, the sensation of My sex-hole swallowing up their manhood and then being ridden hard is simply too much for many males and they are unable to remain erect for as long as I would wish them to – often ‘going off’ and subsequently becoming uselessly soft before I have finished pleasuring Myself fully. This is as (I am sure you can imagine) highly unsatisfactory and often leaves Me feeling unfulfilled, which is not a situation that can be tolerated. Whilst I do often administer Viagra to males when I take the into My Inner Sanctum to use them as My sex-toys, this is not always practicable, so another solution had to be sought.

So, I have purchased the black silicon penis sheath, which is a hollow semi-flexible prosthetic into which I can insert a slave’s erection. The sheath is beautifully sculpted as a cock with a big bulbous knob & veins along the shaft for My pleasure and it will mould itself to grip a slave’s erection once in place. It has a flexible silicone ring at the base which I can secure around a slave’s testicles to hold it on place and in addition it also has a butt-plug attached which I can insert into my slave’s rectum to further secure it in place ready to be ridden as hard and for as long as I may wish. This means that even if the slave should go soft whilst I am using his erection the sheath is of sufficient rigidity that I will still be able to pleasure Myself on it (him for as long as I wish – perfect! Of course, should the slave ejaculate inside the sleeve whilst I am using him, his ejaculate will remain inside the sheath until I am finished and remove it from his prick – and if I do find any cum inside it I will of course simply upend the sheath into his mouth so that he can swallow the disgusting contents (Ha-Ha!) I am certainly looking forward to trying it out on My first lucky slave as soon as it arrives in the post.

Now for the time being, I have graciously disclosed an advance preview image from my 2017 calendar for you to appreciate – on your knees of course! No doubt you will be wishing you were in the place of My lucky slave!