Rinsing A Money-Pig At Harrods!

With the onset of the festive period I’m getting into the Christmas spirit and as those of you who follow Me on Twitter may already be aware, I spent yesterday on a Christmas shopping trip in London with one of My money-pig slaves.  After all, why should I spend my own money on expensive baubles & tickets for My Mistress friends when I can rinse a slave’s bank account and send his plastic into meltdown?!

I met up with My money-pig at Kings Cross station a little before midday (I told him to be there at 9am sharp but didn’t bother arriving Myself until I felt like it, so the stupid wretch had to stand in the cold waiting for me for almost three hours – lol!) I’d instructed him to bring a good wad of folding money which I immediately relieved him of, stuffing it into My Versace handbag and checked that he had a selection of credit cards with him before I instructed him to hail us a taxi whilst I waited under cover out of the drizzly rain. Once he had waited in the queue to secure a taxi I sauntered over, slipped off my coat for him to hold and stepped in whilst he held the door open for Me – giving him a delightful view of my perfect arse in My tight leather leggings that I had teamed with short spike-heeled ankle boots for the day. Once in the taxi I told the driver to head for Harrods (where I intended to spend an enjoyable few hours spending my slave’s money) and I settled back to enjoy the ride across London.

However, I was feeling a little horny, so I proceeded to unzip My tight leather leggings and told My slave (who was looking on agog from the fold-down seat opposite Me) to pull them down to My ankles. As he did so, I unbuttoned and slipped off the black silk blouse that I had been wearing under My coat and sat back in the seat almost naked (I rarely wear underwear beneath My outer clothes). Spreading My thighs I said “Pleasure Me slave” and motioned towards My smooth-shaven sex. He looked around at the driver nervously but I snapped “For God’s sake, get on with it” with which he dutifully fell to his knees and pressed his face into My groin so that he could administer the attentions of his tongue to My succulent sex, pushing it gently between the folds of My peachy labia to seek out my swollen little love-bud. Well the half-hour journey across London passed rather pleasantly despite the rather busy traffic as I relaxed back in My seat and watched the sights go by as My slave dutifully pleasured Me orally without a pause. I did enjoy the fact that on a couple of occasions whilst we were stationary in traffic, a van driver and several people on a bus in the adjacent lane noticed what was happening and clearly couldn’t believe their eyes! I also spotted the taxi driver shifting his position to sit higher in his seat and checking his rear-view mirror more often than he was looking forwards so he had obviously cottoned onto the fact that something was going on in the back of his cab and he was straining to at least cop a view of My breasts!

Well, thankfully I managed to concentrate enough on our progress across town to notice that we were close to our destination, so by the time we pulled-up outside Harrods I had pushed My slave’s face away from My by now extremely wet sex, pulled up My tight leather leggings, slipped on My blouse and was ready to alight as soon as we had stopped. Striding in through the door which was held-open for Me by the doorman I simply left My slave to pay the taxi driver and explain should he have asked, what had just been occurring in the back of his cab. Once My money-pig appeared through the door I snapped My fingers to indicate to him that he should follow Me and strode off to make My way around the store, pausing to peruse whatever might take My eye.

And that’s how the next four-and-a-half hours panned-out as I completed My Christmas shopping, simply handing any items I wished to purchase to My money-pig to pay for and then moving on (stopping off twice for some refreshment at the Champagne bar to keep My energy reserves up) until I had finally completed My shopping trip. I had to laugh at My poor slave who had trotted dutifully behind Me all afternoon, as he was now totally weighed-down with bags & boxes and to say his credit cards had been blitzed would be something of an understatement – it wouldn’t have surprised Me if they had melted with the amount of use they had experienced that afternoon! I’d treated Myself to a couple of Christmas gifts too of course at his expense, including a rather lovely Moschino handbag that had taken My fancy and set him back over five hundred pounds on it’s own.

I reflected on the trip back across town through the now dark London streets on what an enjoyable afternoon it had been – a feeling complemented no doubt by the fact that once again My money-pig was kneeling on the floor of the can with his face between My thighs gently licking & nibbling My love-bud with his probing tongue just the way he knows I like it. I finally dismissed him at Kings Cross and found a rather nice good-looking young chap to assist Me with carrying My bags to the train – probably aided by the fact that I noticed he couldn’t take his eyes off My tight arse clad in My tight leather leggings as I strode along in front of him! It was only when I opened My handbag to find My return train ticket for My journey home that I noticed I still had the large wad of cash I’d taken off My money-pig earlier in the day that I’d completely forgotten about! Ha-Ha! I amused Myself by counting it out on the train and found there was £820 in twenty & ten pound notes, so I snapped a photo’ on My ‘phone of his cash spread out on the little train table and sent it to him with a text saying ‘Oh, thanks for the Christmas tip – I shall squander it on whatever takes My fancy over the Christmas period!’ before scooping it all back up and stuffing it back into My handbag.

My money-pig texted Me later to thank Me for allowing him to accompany Me on My shopping trip but admitted that he didn’t know it was going to cost him quite so much (I think the total bill ran out to well over four thousand pounds) but I wasn’t too sure why he thought I would even care? I’d allowed him to take a photo’ on his ‘phone of Me naked in the back of the taxi just before he’d commenced licking Me out, so as far as I was concerned he’d been more than amply rewarded for the hammering his finances had taken! That’s the trouble with these money-pigs – they are so easily used & abused by a powerful Woman like Me who sees the simply as a walking wallet and once they run out of funds, My interest in them instantly dissipates too (Ha!)

Here’s that snap I permitted My money-pig to take on his ‘phone of Me naked in the back of the London taxi before he commenced his oral duties between My thighs for the remainder of the journey across London to Harrods, which I thought you might enjoy seeing.

So who wants to put themselves forward to be used as My money-pig on a shopping trip next? The January sales are imminent of course and I would relish spending a daymaxing out a lucky slave’s plastic in the designer shops at Westfield in Stratford. Be warned though that I have very expensive tastes and will think nothing of totally cleaning you out, so don’t volunteer yourself lightly!

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