The Sex Therapist Will See you Now!

As a highly experienced and sexually confident MILFstress I’m often sought out by young guys who hope to glean an insight into how to be better in bed and this-afternoon I had a young (twenty-two year-old) guy visit Me as he hoped I would teach him how to better satisfy his girlfriend. He admitted that he always spunked too quickly (a common problem with younger guys I find) and he also confided that he had absolutely no idea how to effectively bring his girlfriend off with his tongue.

When I spoke to him (Tony) on the ‘phone to confirm his appointment, he mentioned that he had a fantasy of being seduced and used for sex by a hot Dominant MILF wearing black tights, so I welcomed him wearing sheer-to-waist black tights under a tight, crisp white, shortie medical tunic over a black lace balconette bra that plumped-up My big 36”DD tits and showed-off My cleavage a treat (the poor lamb’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when I opened the door!) I do enjoy adopting the role of a ‘Sex Therapist’ with young guys and after all, with My wealth of experience in all manner of sexual activities through My many years as a Porn-Star and a Dominatrix there’s not much that I don’t know about matters sexual!

After a drink to ‘break the ice’ (during which I noticed that the poor lad was literally shaking with nervous anticipation – bless him!) I instructed him to stand-up in front of Me and strip naked so that I could examine him. He nervously did so, slowly removing all his clothes until he stood there naked & embarrassed in front of Me whilst I looked him up & down. I beckoned him closer and leaned forward so that I could take a hold of his semi-hard penis and inspect it, lifting it to then use My other hand to examine his fat ball-sack, giving it a squeeze as I did so. “Well everything looks to be in good order down here” I mused and standing-up I unbuttoned the crisp white tunic I was wearing and slipped it off to stand in front of him wearing just my black balconette bra and black sheer tights. His jaw literally dropped as he took in the sight of my fit lithe body and as I hadn’t bothered wearing any panties My smooth-shaven sex was clearly visible through the gossamer-thin sheer mesh fabric of the tights.

I noticed his cock twitch involuntarily and start to swell to full size, so I reached down and took it in my hand, stroking it as I pushed my big firm breasts against his chest and whispered in his ear that I was going to teach him exactly how to pleasure a woman but that he was not allowed to ejaculate until I gave him permission to do so. Now his cock was hard I stepped back and instructed him to masturbate himself in front of Me whilst I watched him and I admired the sight of him standing there naked in front of Me wanking his now throbbing erection for Me. Reaching around behind my back I unclipped My bra and let it fall to the floor freeing My plump breasts to his gaze – a sight which poor Tony couldn’t tear his eyes away from and the manipulation of his penis with his hand became even more urgent. I could tell he was close to ejaculating, so I stepped in close again and pressed My bare breasts against his naked chest. “Oh God, I-I’m going to cum!” he bleated. “No, you musn’t cum yet” I breathed into his ear. “I haven’t given you permission to do so yet!” but even before I’d finished speaking his body jerked several times and I looked down to see thick sperm pumping from his swollen knob and splashing across My sheer black thigh which I had carefully positioned between his legs so as to purposefully catch anything that he ejaculated.

Ugh! What a mess you’ve made!” I admonished him when he’d finally finished squirting his hot seed onto My thigh. “That won’t do. It just won’t do at all!” Stepping back I admired the mess of thick sticky streams of sperm that he’d just deposited across My thigh and added “Well you made the mess, so you must clear it up”. Looking around he stuttered “Sorry, err..d-do you have a cloth?” “A cloth?!” I laughed. “Oh no, you will use your tongue to clean-up your mess” and motioned to him to kneel in front of Me and set to work in doing so. A look of horror flashed across his face but the look I gave him in return made it quite obvious that I was not joking, so a minute later he was indeed kneeling in front of Me licking his own fresh sperm from My now very sticky thigh.

Once he had cleaned-up his mess to My satisfaction I told him to follow Me and led him up the red carpeted stairs to My boudoir where I soon had him secured naked spread-eagled on the red satin sheets under My mirrored ceiling. Of course, I’d known exactly what I was doing in ‘encouraging’ him to ejaculate downstairs as we’d now got the ‘froth off the beer’ so to speak and there would be less chance of him ‘going off’ too soon (ie: before I was fully satisfied). Once Tony was secured naked to My bed I peeled off My sheer tights, crawled over him up the bed until My sex was adjacent to his still erect penis and reaching down I guided it inside My tight succulent opening and proceeded to ride him for My pleasure, telling him in no uncertain terms that he was not allowed to ejaculate again until I had fully satisfied Myself on his root.

Over the next forty-five minutes I pleasured myself repeatedly on his extremely satisfying stalk, almost bringing him to the point of ejaculation several times but knowing just when to slow the thrusting of my hips down to prevent him from squirting. Once I had pleasured Myself adequately in this fashion I finally slid off his throbbing member and released him from his shackles, taking his place on the bed with My thighs spread wide to expose my moist, tender sex for him to ‘eat’. Gripping his ears I held his face in the perfect position to receive the attentions of his eager probing tongue, pulling him in hard to My opening or pushing him away slightly to adjust the intensity of his flicking tongue on My engorged love-bud as the fancy took Me and issuing instructions for him to follow as to how I wished to be licked. I rode his face in this way for perhaps twenty minutes, bringing Myself off rather pleasantly several times before I finally pushed him away and lay there panting with My sopping wet sex tingling nicely with the satisfying afterglow of orgasm.

I was now satiated but as Tony had worked hard to pleasure Me, I graciously allowed him to penetrate Me and finally achieve an orgasm of his own – which only took a minute or two as he’d been denied a further orgasm since he’d wanked off over My thigh downstairs well over an hour earlier. A short while later I waved Tony off after having already booked a further session with his ‘Sex Therapist’ into his diary for a couple of weeks time. I do so enjoy using young virile guys for My own sexual pleasure (what hot & horny MILF wouldn’t?) and the fact that they pay Me handsomely to use their bodies as I wish in the hope that they will learn something about how to satisfy a sexually demanding woman, is the icing on the cake!

Now I’m signing off for 2016 as I’ll be heading off tomorrow morning to one of My favourite European cities to see in the New Year in style. However, before I leave, I have the rest of today to make use of a slave who has offered himself to be used as My personal sex-doll until midnight. He arrived a short while ago and is currently awaiting My pleasure in My playroom – and what a sight he looks (see photo’)! I have some nine hours or so to totally use & abuse his body for My pleasure and I’m feeling in a rather wicked horny mood, so I doubt he knows what he’s let himself in for.

Let the fun commence!

Sex Doll