Naked Gardening Duties For Mistress

As one of Mistress Carly’s few privileged domestic slaves i was summoned to attend Her luxurious country home this weekend to carry out gardening duties (naked of course) in Her secluded gardens.  It is such an honour to be permitted to work for Goddess Carly and the onset of the spring weather caused Her to summon me to spend a full day working in Her garden.  Mistress initially set me to work pruning some mature hawthorn bushes and the fact that i was naked whilst trimming the viciously thorned foliage meant that i was soon covered in cuts where it caught my bare skin.  Around mid-morning Mistress came outside to sunbathe naked and i must admit that the sight of Her utterly spectacular oiled body as She reclined on Her sun-lounger was extremely arousing and i just couldn’t help but become erect.  Once Mistress spotted my pathetic penis standing proud from below my belly She was not amused and strode over with Her wicked riding-switch and proceeded to sting my cock with well-aimed blows from Her whip.  i yelped in pain (it hurt even more than the thorns on my skin) but this only displeased Mistress even more and She simply pushed me hard straight into the tangle of sharp hawthorn fronds which dug into every part of my body. the pain was excruiating and several of the thorns had caught on my scrotum drawing blood.  Mistress just laughed and went back to laying on Her sun-lounger, chuckling to Herself as she lay back and watched me spend almost half-an-hour extricating myself careful from the needle-sharp thorns.  Once I had finally freed myself Mistress frog-marched me across to an old wooden ladder that she keeps leaning against the fence in Her garden and secured me to it with my arms above my head and my ankles tightly bound to the bottom rung.  She then amused Herself by whipping my bare arse with powerful blows from Her long riding-switch until my backside was as red raw as the rest of my body – laughing as She did so.  It was such an honour to be permitted to not only work for Mistress Carly but to provide some amusement for Her and I relished every searing sting of Her whip on my body along with the carnage the razor-sharp thorns of Her hawthorn bush had caused to my body when she had so wickedly flung me into it naked when i dared to become erect without Her express permission to do so.  I simply can’t wait to be summoned to attend and serve as Mistress’s domestic slave again as soon as She wishes me to do so – to suffer pain for Mistress’s pleasure really is the ultimate honour She can bestow upon any slave and i am so lucky to have her use me in this way.