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by Edward on this site
'Coccooned' By Mistress Carly

i have had the pleasure & privilege to serve the incredibly gorgeous Mistress Carly at Her luxurious country home several times now and each time She excels in exceeding all my expectations! my particular fetish is for being completely encapsulated and Mistress Carly has previously used Her latex vacu-sack on me, sucking out all the air so that only my penis is exposed for Her to 'play' with, whilst the rest of me is totally restricted within the vacuum-sack. Today however, i was led naked on a collar & lead to the bottom of Mistress Carly's secluded gardens, where She secured me with my hands above my head to a strong chain which hangs from a sturdy mature tree. Mistress was clad in a skin-tight purple & black latex corset and looked utterly incredible, so i was of course erect. Mistress took delight in punishing me for being erect without Her permission by whipping my penis with her riding crop before heading back to Her playroom leaving me hanging there naked & alone. A while later, Mistress returned with a roll of black heavy-duty cling-film type material which she used to wrap me from head to to so that i was in effect completely cocooned in the shiny black material with just my penis & testicles left exposed - and a small slit for my eyes so that i could see. Mistress began to gently caress My erection causing it to become even more stiff which seemed to please Her. She then produced a jar of strawberry jam and twisted off the lid before reaching inside to scoop out a handful of the sweet, sticky contents and smeared it all over my cock & balls (which i had shaven totally smooth in preparation for my appointment at Mistress's instructions). Once my genitals were coated in a liberal amount of jam Mistress stood back to admire Her handiwork and seemed pleased with Her efforts. "Excellent" She mused "that should keep the wasps off my strawberries" - which is when i realised that i was basically being used as Mistress's human wasp-trap! Mistress walked off leaving me there with my penis & scrotum smeared with jam and returned a few minutes later (now totally naked except for thigh-high leather boots) carrying a sun-lounger and a bowl of strawberries. Setting the lounger in front of me She draped herself across it, spreading out Her voluptuous, lithe body to catch the sun and proceeded to slowly & lasciviously eat Her strawberries. She made sure She spread Her thighs to afford me a perfect view of Her exquisite smooth-shaven sex - which i assume was to ensure that i remained hard to present a larger target for the wasps! Mistress suddenly sat up. "Yes!" she whooped in delight "here's a large nasty wasp now - can you feel it?" i struggled to look down but i was totally unable to move and could only pray that the wasp did not sink it's razor-sharp sting into my most sensitive parts! i was so petrified i almost fainted but Mistress seemed utterly oblivious to my panic, simply laughing at my predicament. Once Mistress tired of watching me squirm, She walked off and was gone for a good twenty minutes, during which I imagined my genitals were crawling with stinging insects devouring the sticky jam - i've never been so scared! Visions of a swarm of wasps descending on my naked sticky genitals and all plunging their stings into my soft flesh in a jam-fuelled frenzy, resulting in my cock & balls swelling horrifically & excruciatingly, filled my mind but i was totally helpless to do anything other than hang there and let it happen. Mistress eventually returned (still naked) saying "Goodness, I almost forgot I'd left you out here!" and unclipped my hands from the chain above my head. She then pushed me over onto the grass and i fell forwards heavily as of course i was unable to move any part of my body. Mistress used Her booted foot to roll me over onto my back saying "Now let's get this mess off you" which which She stood astride me and squatted over my gooey genitals. Mistress then relieved Herself all over my cock, Her hot golden liquid washing the jam away as it splashed over my cock & balls. Once Mistress had emptied Herself all over me, She walked off leaving me laying there now covered in piss on the lawn "I'll be back soon" She called, adding "I just hope the ants don't find you before I get back!" i then spent a worrying few minutes sweating about that before Mistress returned with a pair of scissors, which She used to deftly slit the shiny black cocoon and finally release me from my encapsulation. Being used as a human wasp-trap was a scenario which had never occurred to me even in my wildest fantasies but Mistress Carly has an unerring skill in understanding a slave's fantasies and taking them to a whole new level - i simply cannot wait to be permitted the privilege of attending Her again as soon as i am able to do so.

by Slave Bertrand on this site
Used as a Human Dildo

I had my first session with Mistress Carly today. Truly amazing!  i was totaly captivated by Mistress's gorgeous and beautiful body. As with others, Mistress Carly's delicious website attracted me to contact Her.  Upon arrival at Mistress's address (which is very discreet) i was greeted by Mistress Carly in person.  Wow! my breath was taken away both with Mistress's attire and the immaculate seductive interior. After a brief initial interview, i was instructed to strip naked and Mistress then took me into Her playroom for my session to commence. Mistress Carly's body is truly stunning and She obviously delights in wearing extremely minimalistic outfits that show off Her toned, athletic physique perfectly.  Of course, i soon became erect and Mistress seemed pleased with the size of my penis although She did punish me for daring to be erect without Her express permission by attaching electrodes to my scrotum and took great delight in administering shocks to my balls (which were full to bursting as (in line with Mistress's instructions) i had abstained from ejaculation for over a week prior to my attendance.  The highlight of my session in Mistress's playroom was being stretched out naked spreadeagled on Her floor with my head placed securely in Her rimming stool, so that i could worship Her exquisite anus with my tongue as She sat on my face and amused Herself by digging Her razor-sharp stiletto into my erection, laughing uproariously when i squealed in pain.  After a while Mistress shifted Her position on the stool slightly so that i could use my tongue to pleasure Her divine sex (which tasted SO sweet!) This caused my erection to swell even further which Mistress obviously noticed as She suddenly stood-up and reached for a blindfold which She then fitted to my head so i could see nothing at all.  I then felt Mistress's hands on my erect penis and realised She was rolling a condom down the length of my shaft - before (i couldn't believe it at first!) i felt Mistress mount my erection as She informed me the she wished to make use of me as a Human Dildo for Her pleasure!  i was told to lie absolutely still and not make a sound as i was used, as if She failed to achieve adequate satisfaction on my cock I would be severely punished!    The exquisite feeling of Mistress Carly's tight sex enveloping my throbbing tool was incredible and i had to fight hard not to cum as i felt Her riding up & down on my stalk, Her long nails digging into my nipples as She leant on my chest for support.  i managed to restrain myself for a while but regrettably in the end i just couldn't hold back any longer and i spunked heavily in the condom.  i tried desperately not to make any noise as i ejaculated but when Mistress realised what had happened She was furious!  She leapt off my cock and roughly yanked off the full condom. "you filthy wretch!" She growled.  "you are here for My pleasure, not your own - open your mouth!"  i did as i was instructed and immediately felt the disgusting hot liquid that i had just squirted into the condom inside Mistress filling my mouth.  i gagged but Mistress just laughed and squeezed my nose tightly closed saying "swallow your own dirty muck you disgusting little worm - how dare you ejaculate inside me!"  my breath was running out, so in the end i had no choice other than to swallow my own spunk - the first time i have ever done so.  Mistress noticed the look of disgust on my face but this just seemed to make Her laugh all the more.  "The next time I decide to use your cock as dildo you will not ejaculate until I am fully satisfied and give you permission to do so!" she snarled in my face.  i was then released from my prone position on the floor and strapped tightly to Mistress's St Andrews cross where She administered a stinging rain of blows with Her vicious switch to my bare buttocks.  To stifle my cries of pain as each blow struck home Mistress fitted a ball-gag to my mouth and by the time She had finished my backside was red raw - God only knows how i managed to drive home afterwards but the searing pain served as a definite reminder that Mistress Carly does not like to be disappointed and i shall work harder to please Her next time I am privileged enough to be used for Her pleasure & amusement!

by Luke on this site
Worshipping A True Goddess!

I had my first session with Mistress Carly and it exceeded all my expectations! i am a particular fan of extremely fit Amazonian women and, whilst not into the overtly-muscular Female body-builder look, I do appreciate an extremely toned Woman - basically I wish to submit to a powerful Woman who looks like She could overpower me and administer some serious punishment, so undernourished-looking waifs or BBW Woman just do nothing for me. I was initially attracted to Mistress Carly by the images on her website, which show Her to possess a very toned physique but to meet er in the flesh was just unbelievable. Her body is exquisitely taut & lithe and She obviously takes great pride in maintaining Her body in perfect condition (She advised me that she works out at the gym at least once or twice every single day - and it shows!). Mistress Carly greeted me wearing a long black robe, but once in Her playroom with me strapped securely to Her St Andrews cross she slipped this off to reveal Her magnificent tanned body clad only in the tiniest white bikini I have ever seen. Of course, i became instantly erect and Mistress Carly took great delight in administering sharp and extremely painful blows to my pathetic erection with Her vicious riding switch, causing me to cry out in pain. Displeased with my please for Her to stop, Mistress fastened a ball-gag tightly to my head to stifle my noise before resuming Her attentions to my cock with even more vigour. Just when i thought i couldn't take any more, Mistress put down her whip and began to gently stroke my penis whilst telling She knew how much i desired Her. She then slowly peeled off Her minuscule bikini and stood totally naked (other than for Her spike-heeled stilettos) in front of me - what a sight to behold! Mistress then unfastened my wrists from above my head and instructed me to release my own ankles, before handing me a massage-oil spray and ordering me to administer a light misting of oil to Her whole body. Once i had done so, She told me to massage the oil into her taut muscular frame and i was in seventh heaven as i ran my hands across Her truly magnificent glistening curves - in fact i was so excited that i feared i may spontaneously ejaculate (as was totally obvious from my engorged cock!). Mistress noticed my rock-hard penis and scolded me for daring to be erect without Her permission - adding more gently that She quite understood, as strangely males always seemed to be erect when in Her presence! Mistress then ordered me to lay flat on the playroom floor and place my head in Her Queening stool and of course i eagerly complied. Mistress Carly then stood over my face and slowly lowered Her exquisite bottom and sex towards my face until they were settled onto the stool just a couple of inches from my face. "Now, pleasure Me!" She commanded and I set to work with my eager tongue probing it into Her sweet, succulent, smooth-shaven sex to seek out Her love-bud in order that I could tease & tickle it to bring Her pleasure. From my position beneath Her, i could see in the full-length wall-mirrors the unbelievable sight of Mistress Carly's stunningly fit, lightly-oiled body as She sat on my face and enjoyed my oral ministrations to Her sex with obvious enjoyment. "Don't forget My arse!" She commanded and I dutifully extracted my tongue from between the soft pink folds of Her gorgeous sex-slit and pushed it into the tight puckered rosebud of Her anus. "Deeper!" She barked and i duly obliged, straining to push my tongue as far as possible into Her delightful little hole. Mistress was obviously enjoying this as She began to wriggle Her hips in appreciation as i tongue-fucked Her bum-hole. "Uuuuuuuuh!" Mistress breathed as She climaxed with my tongue in Her anus. Oh God! This was so horny that I suddenly felt myself ejaculating, hot semen pumping in jets from my engorged stalk and splashing down onto my belly. "Ugh! you dirty slob!" Mistress cried out and immediately stood-up, my tongue being yanked from Her arse as She did so. Standing over me with Her Hands on Her hips, Her muscular physique glistening in the low-light as She looked down at Me with disgust, Mistress Carly then lifted Her razor sharp stiletto and placed it onto my scrotum. "you are here for My pleasure, not your own!" She barked adding "you do NOT cum until I give you permission to do so - understand?!" with which She pressed down hard with a twisting motion on my soft fleshy balls inflicting without doubt THE most excruciating pain i have ever felt - i loved it! In short, my session with Mistress Carly, totally submitting myself to a physically powerful & commanding Dominant woman was everything i ever dreamed of in my wildest fantasies - and much, much more! I simply cannot wait to grovel naked at Her feet and worship Her incredible body again as soon as i am allowed to request another appointment to serve Her.

by Slave Peter on this site

my first meeting with Mistress Carly turned out to be even more incredible than i could ever have imagined!  From Her first opening the door to Her chambers clad in a sheer white blouse , mid-length black leather skirt, seamed stockings and stilettos, exquisite make up and a charming welcome - to my several hours as Her slave enduring and enjoying Her every attention at Her expert hands and being permitted to pleasure Her.Mistress Carly is a pure professional , a charming Lady who can balance the Dominant role yet demonstrates a human touch. Her website is amazing but in reality she is actually 100 times better! This was my first visit to Her chambers and i certainly hope it will not be my last - there is so much I want to explore with Her!

by SP on this site
First time serving Mistress Carly

I have served Mistresses before and there is always an element of nervousness when first meeting a new Domme. In the case of Mistress Carly, however, this is soon overcome. Clear and detailed information as to how to arrive at Her premises, Mistress's comprehensive prior vetting of applicants and the completion of Her slave application form together mean that, when first presenting oneself before Her, Mistress already knows sufficient about you to plan an exciting and satisfying session. This is enhanced by an initial chat where additional information can be provided and Mistress can ask questions so as to ensure that the forthcoming session can be honed to a fine degree.First impressions of Mistress Carly are that the photo's on Her website just do not do Her full justice. Statuesque, fit (in both meanings of the word) and magnificently dressed in appropriate fetish clothing, Mistress is a wonderful sight to behold - surely no submissive or fetishist could deny themselves the need to fall on their knees in front of Her, and worship Her in whatever way She requires.Mistress's play facilities are also first rate. The anteroom sets the mood for the initial meeting and conversations and, when first entering the main playroom, one's breath is taken away by the well-lit and airy space, together with all of the specialised equipment it contains. Whilst not receiving the honour of seeing Mistress's 'Inner Sanctum' on this, my first visit, i did see Her secluded outdoor play area, in which i would very much hope to be able to session with Mistress on some hot summer day to come. After-session facilities follow the same pattern - beautifully decorated shower & bathroom facilities and sitting areas where, in the case of the latter, a session debrief may be held over a cup of tea or coffee - at Mistress's discretion of course.As for the session itself, i tend to the view that 'what happens in the playroom, stays in the playroom'. Suffice to say, however, that Mistress developed the session by intuition, based upon the information provided and gleaned as already mentioned, and at no point did it remotely feel that She was running through a 'tick-list' of things to get through - sadly not always the case with many other Dommes! Many interesting and highly enjoyable activities & scenarios were played out over the course of two hours and, as the session developed, Mistress learned even more about my interests and limits and did, i believe, get a number of ideas about other things to do, and equipment to use, in future sessions.So, all in all, a fantastic session with a beautiful and demanding, yet approachable, Mistress, in exceptionally well presented and equipped facilities. As a package Mistress Carly must provide just about the best BDSM experience in the Country and i do hope to be granted the honour of being summonsed again to serve Mistress Carly in the very near future.

by Steven on this site
My First Strap-On Experience

i visited Mistress Carly for the second time today and specifically requested Her to take my anal virginity as it is something i have long fantasised about. Mistress looked stunning when She admitted me to Her incredibly well-equipped spacious playroom wearing leather thigh-boots and a studded leather open-cup bra & open-crotch knickers ensemble. After being instructed to kneel & worship Mistress's truly awesome firm, rounded bum as She stood in front of me, i was then granted the privilege of being permitted to pleasure Her deliciously sweet shaven sex as She sat on Her throne and splayed Her magnificent muscular thighs to afford me access to Her most intimate area. Once i had pleasured Mistress to Her satisfaction, i was strapped naked to Her heavy steel bondage bench with my bum up in the air. my wrists, ankles, thighs, arms & torso were tightly held by heavy leather straps, so i was totally unable to move and completely at Mistress's mercy. i could see in the full-length wall mirrors that Mistress was removing Her outfit and Her incredibly fit body looked magnificent in just Her spike-heeled thigh-boots as She walked across to a rail from which hung a selection of strap-ons in varying sizes. Selecting one, She strapped the leather harness around Her hips and adjusted the black rubber cock so that it protruded perfectly from Her groin - just like a real cock. Walking around to stand in front of me, She pushed the phallus into my face "Suck My cock you wretch!" She commanded and i opened my mouth so that She could push Her 'cock' into my mouth. The big bulbous end felt huge in my mouth and i couldn't believe that She was about to penetrate my tight virgin arse with this monstrous device! "Enough!" Mistress commanded and pulled the dong from my mouth. "Now I'm going to f*ck your arse, slave" She laughed and reached for a lube dispenser on a shelf close-by, squirted a generous portion into Her hand and massaged it into the bulbous end of Her 'cock'. She then moved around behind me and took up a position directly behind my raised arse. i felt the tip of Her strap-on press against my anus as She gripped my buttocks and started to push Her hips forward, forcing the thick rubber dong into my orifice. i cried out, more in shock than discomfort, which obviously met with Mistress's disapproval, as She immediately withdrew from attempting to penetrate my arse and walked across to take a ball-gag off one of the many rails that were hung with a vast array of equipment. She walked in front of me and pushed the ball-gag into my mouth, securing the strap tightly around my head. "There, that will keep you quiet" She laughed and resumed Her position behind me. i was helpless to move, or even make a sound, as Mistress slowly eased the full length of Her thick rubber tool deep into my anus. i almost passed out at the mix of pleasure & shock at being fucked by my Mistress for the first time! "Ooh, yeah" Mistress cooed as She filled me with Her 'cock'. "you are going to take My big rubber cock and I'm going to fuck you like a dirty slut" She laughed. And that is exactly what happened. Mistress was soon pumping Her dong into my helpless arse like a porn-star and I was forced to simply take it, being utterly helpless to do anything other than allow Her to use my arse in any way She wanted to. Mistress was obviously enjoying Herself as She laughed and called me every filthy name She could think of, telling me what a dirty slut i was and how She would like to arrange for a well-hung slave to come & fuck Me in front of Her on a future visit. When She said this i suddenly became so turned-on that i ejaculated, my hot spunk squirting onto the floor underneath the steel bondage-bench as Mistress continued to fuck me full of Her huge rubber tool - i was in absolute Heaven! Once Mistress tired of fucking me, She pulled the strap-on from my arse and that was when She spotted the puddle of sperm that i had made on Her floor. "you dirty bastard!" She cried, "you obviously enjoyed being fucked so much that you squirted on My floor without permission - Yuk!" Mistress then released me from the leather straps that had secured me in position to be totally used and instructed me to get down and lick up my own spunk from Her playroom floor whilst She watched - still wearing the thick black rubber dong that She had been filling my arse with just a few minutes earlier. On the drive home in the car I could barely sit properly after the punishment my arse had taken from Mistress but i had an erection the whole way as i replayed the view i had seen in Mistress's wall-mirrors of Her pumping Her strap-on mercilessly into my rectum with obvious enjoyment at totally using me as a slut. i can't get the idea of Mistress arranging for another well-hung male slave to be on-hand next time i visit Her to fuck my mouth & arse for real in front of Her, as She told me that She would very much enjoy watching me being used as a real dirty slut by another man. Mistress even said that She would take turns in 'spit-roasting' me whilst wearing Her strap-on, alternating between having Her rubber cock and Her slave's real cock in each orifice, culminating in Her pumping my arse with Her strap-on whilst Her slave pumps his hot load into my mouth - which of course She would instruct me to swallow! i never expected to even be fantasising about such a scenario but now i just can't get the idea out of my head!

by Peter on this site
Milked Dry By Mistress Carly

My first visit to Mistress Carly's truly unbelievable playroom today was truly incredible and totally blew my mind in every way! Being my first ever visit to a Pro-Domme i was extremely nervous and when Mistress Carly opened the door at Her luxurious country home My knees almost gave way in excitement and awe - She is utterly stunning!!! Her body is incredible - fit & toned with incredibly long legs leading up to a perfectly tight rounded bum and Her large firm breasts are absolutely magnificent! Mistress was clad in a skin-tight shiny latex catsuit which showed off Her figure perfectly and Her beautiful face topped-off the vision of awesome Feminine power that stood before me perfectly. Once in Her playroom i was order to strip naked in front of Mistress as She sat in Her plush throne until i stood naked and quivering with nervous excitement in front of Her awaiting Her instructions. Mistress poked at my penis with Her crop demanding to know why i had become erect without Her permission and I mumbled a reply about how i couldn't help it as i was so excited. Mistress reached out to stroke my penis and the feeling of Her hand on my cock was so exciting that i'm ashamed to say i ejaculated almost immediately, my spunk squirting out in hot jets to spatter on the floor in front of me. Mistress was horrified "you dirty little wretch!" She exclaimed "look at the mess you've made - now get down and clear it up!" with which She pushed me to the floor and used Her stilettoed foot to push my face towards the thick globs of sperm so that i could use my tongue to clean up my own mess. Mistress circled around behind me as i did so and i suddenly felt a hot sting on my upturned bare arse as Her crop hit it - HARD! i cried out in pain but Mistress shouted "Shut-up you snivelling idiot and lick your mess off My floor!" with which She rained further even harder blows onto my buttocks until i had licked the floor clean of my sperm. (Mistress had instructed me to not to ejaculate for at least 72 hours prior to my visit, so there was a lot to swallow!). Mistress then advised me that She was disappointed that i had ejaculated so quickly and that in future i would not ejaculate in Her presence until She gave me permission to do so. The session then progressed and was better than i ever could have imagined, the highlight being an extended 'Queening' session during which Mistress spent a good twenty minutes sitting on my face whilst my head was secured in Her Queening stool so that i could pleasure Her deliciously sweet sex-hole with my tongue (She tastes divine!) To finish the session Mistress secured me in position kneeling on Her floor with my hands chained above my head so that She could feed my erect penis into the realistic vagina attachment on Her mains-powered 'milking' machine. She then settled back in Her throne with the remote-control and expertly 'milked' me by expertly varying the speed & suction until i was begging for Her permission to ejaculate. Finally Mistress cranked the machine up to maximum power and said "Very well, you may ejaculate now slave" at which point i squirted what felt like a mug-full of cum deep into the collection reservoir of Her machine. i spunked so heavily that it felt like my balls were going to be sucked out through my cock - i've never ejaculated so heavily in my life before! Once Mistress had powered down the machine She slid my cock out of the vagina attachment and unscrewed the collection cup so that She could examine how much 'cream' She had managed to 'milk' out of me. "Mmmm not bad at all" She cooed showing me the thick white liquid that She had sucked from my balls. She then scooped my thick gooey cum out of the cup and smeared it across Her awesome naked 38"DD breasts right in front of me. "Now you can clean up your mess again" She laughed and pushed her sticky breasts forward so that i could lick my own cum off them - what an absolute privilege! i still haven't come down from the high that i left Mistress's playroom on this-afternoon and i simply cannot wait to visit again so that She can use me as Her own sex-toy in any way She wants to. i hope next time Mistress may even take Me into Her Inner Sanctum where She told me She takes slaves to use their erect cocks as Her own personal dildos - what an honour that would be!

by Brian R on this site
Full-Day sissy maid Duties for Mistress Carly

Having served Mistress Carly several times previously, today I was permitted the sublime honour of serving as Her sissy maid for a full day, which was simply incredible! On arrival i was greeted by Mistress looking absolutely stunning an a skin-tight latex corset with stockings & thigh-boots and was immediately ordered to strip naked in front of her & make Mistress a coffee in her luxurious kitchen whilst She watched and poked fun at my naked white body. i carried Her coffee through to Her awesome playroom (admiring Her stunningly beautiful peachy bottom wiggling along in front of me) and was told to dress in the PVC maid's uniform that Mistress had laid out ready for me, whilst She sat on Her plush throne and sipped Her coffee whilst watching me. Once. i was suitably attired in corset, petticoat, dress & stilettos with lace crotchless panties Mistress set to work with Her make-up kit, feminising me into Her very own sissy slut. Once completed, She expertly fitted a blonde bob wig to my head and finished off Her handiwork with a frilly maid's cap, before handing me a matching little frilly white apron which i dutifully tied around my waist. i was then set to work cleaning around Mistress's luxurious home, dusting, polishing & cleaning Her wooden floors on my hands & knees (during which Mistress occasionally aimed a sharp sting from Her whip to my upturned buttocks if She decided that i was not carrying out my duties with satisfactory effort or expertise. Once i had completed my cleaning duties to Mistress's satisfaction i was set to work preparing a light lunch for Mistress which i served to Her at Her table. After lunch i was ordered to run Mistress a bath in Her sumptuous bathroom and bathe Her incredible body with a. large natural sponge as She lay back in the bubbles and sipped a glass of Champagne. After Mistress stepped from the bath i had the honour of dabbing her exquisitely firm, athletic body dry with a fluffy towel before fitting bright red spike-heeled stilettos to Her feet and following Her (on hands & knees) back through Her home to the playroom. Mistress informed me that She was in a particularly wicked mood and was going to use me for Her amusement for the rest of the afternoon - and that's exactly what She did! i was subjected to all manner of excruciating treatments at naked Mistress Carly's hand and the more i suffered just seemed to delight Her all the more! I had electrodes attached to my genitals and Mistress particularly enjoyed administering pain to my engorged penis which protruded from the opening of my crotchless panties throughout (i imagine it would be impossible not be permanently erect in the presence of such a perfect vision of naked Womanhood!) i was strapped to Mistress's sturdy St Andrews cross with my skirt clipped up so as to allow Mistress to administer a severe whipping to my buttocks with a selection of implements and i had increasingly painful weights hung on a cord suspended from a pulley which was in turn attached to vicious clamps fitted to my nipples which Mistress seemed to find particularly amusing. my torment went on for several hours and was only broken when Mistress flung open the door which leads to the secluded outdoor play-space and threw me out not the cold wet patio area (it had been raining). Mistress Carly then ordered me to insert my head into Her toilet-stool - a device which is basically an open metal frame supporting a toilet seat directly above it. Once i was secured with my head inside, Mistress settled Herself onto the seat and i was treated to the sight of Her exquisite sex just inched from my mouth. "Open wide!" Mistress barked and i obediently did as i was told - at which point Mistress emptied Herself into my open mouth. i struggled to swallow Her hot golden liquid as it gushed into my open mouth but i relished the taste of Mistress's Champagne as i swallowed it down gratefully. Once Mistress had finished relieving Herself into my face She stood-up, walked across to take a hosepipe from a bracket on the wall and turning on the tap She aimed the ice-cold water onto me to wash Her juice from my face & hair - it was FREEZING but i suffered in silence so as not to displease Mistress. i was then led back into the playroom where Mistress spent the next half-hour or so sat on my face as i pleasured Her to several orgasms with my eager tongue in Her Queening stool. Finally, once Mistress had tired of my ministrations to her sex & anus with my tongue she announced that i "looked like a total slut - and sluts deserved to be fucked!" So, i soon found myself secured arse-up on Her steel bondage-bench, being penetrated deeply by Mistress's favourite rubber strap-on as she indeed fucked me like a slut until i couldn't take any more and begged Her to "please, please stop!" As i drove home barely able to sit properly, i reminisced on what a truly incredible day it had been and i simply cannot wait to beg Mistress Carly for the privilege of being Her sissy slut maid again - especially as next time Mistress has told me she will get another slave in to fuck me with a real cock in front of Her, as opposed to just Her rubber one (OMG!)

by Peter on this site
'Queened' By A True Queen!

i visited Mistress Carly for the first time today and was absolutely entranced by Her stunningly beautiful physique and face - Her photo's really don't do Her justice and She looks absolutely stunning in them! i have sessions with several other Mistresses previously but have found most to be somewhat reticent in allowing any kind of physical contact (the closest I have ever been to being 'Queened' before was when a Mistress sat on my face wearing leather trousers). i have always fantasised about being face-sat for an extended period in order for Mistress to use my tongue to pleasure Her to orgasm and today I finally realised that fantasy beneath Mistress Carly's when She graciously settled Her exquisite bottom onto my face whilst i was stretched out naked on Her playroom floor. Mistress Carly's truly perfect smooth-shaven sex was lowered onto my mouth and i immediately set to work with my tongue, delving between the peachy lips of Her awesome sex-slit to seek out Her little love-bud. i was pleased to feel Her clitoris engorge with the eager attentions of my tongue and She began to wriggle Her hips in encouragement as I dutifully teased & tickled her sensitive button. I was absolutely overjoyed when after only a few minutes of my eager attentions Mistress Carly climaxed hard on my face, pushing herself down hard onto my mouth so that my tongue could probe deeply into Her now sopping wet cunt. Oh God! Mistress's juices tasted divine and i lapped them up as they flowed freely into my mouth. i was afraid after Mistress had cum that She would stand-up and my oral attentions would no longer be required but Mistress remained firmly sat on my face as she squirmed and ordered me to carry on my ministrations to Her sex (as if I needed any encouragement to do so?!) Mistress climaxed on my face a further three times in the next twenty minutes or so as She used my face for Her pleasure and i was in total heaven (even though at times it was hard to breathe as Mistress's perfect buttocks were pressed so hard onto my face that it was difficult to take a breath!). Not that i cared as if were to expire right there with Mistress's sweet-tasting cunt smothering my mouth, i would indeed die a happy man! As Mistress came off on my tongue for the final time She reached down and gripped my erect cock with Her latex-gloved hand and began to wank it. i'm ashamed to admit that I ejaculated almost immediately, my spunk squirting out in hot jets all over Mistress's hand and my own belly - i don't believe i've ever cum so hard! When Mistress had caught Her breath She finally lifted herself from my face which was now coated in Her juices. "Very good slave" she cooed "I shall look forward to making certainly be making full use of your tongue on a regular basis". Then (slapping my very sticky cock) "and I shall also want to make use of this next time, so you had best control yourself and not ejaculate until I give you permission to do so - understood?" "Yes Mistress" I responded enthusiastically. I really cannot wait to visit Mistress Carly and have Her use my tongue (and hopefully also My erect penis) for Her own pleasure. To be used as Mistress Carly's human dildo is such a privilege and i'm so pleased that i've finally found a stunningly beautiful Mistress who genuinely enjoys Queening and using males as Her own personal sex-toys.

by Simon on this site
Enforced Cum-Eating

i have been lucky enough to visit Mistress Carly several times but My session with Her today was the best yet! i nervously asked Mistress if i would be permitted to suck-off one of Her other slaves in an enforced-bi scenario and She graciously agreed that She would arrange this for my next visit. However, Mistress told Me that she wanted to make sure that i would do a good job and produced a life-size male torso manufactured in realistic Fantasy-Flesh that is exactly like the real thing. The torso had a large erect penis with huge balls beneath and a realistically tight anus. Mistress told me to demonstrate how i would go about sucking a real cock so i soon had the rubber penis deep in my mouth sucking on it for all i was worth whilst Mistress sat & looked on from Her throne. She gave instructions on how i should stroke, tickle & suck the big balls occasionally and also instructed me to insert my finger into the doll's anus as She told me when i did this to Her slave it would prompt him to squirt a huge load of hot sperm deep into my throat. The whole scenario of sucking the realistic cock in front of Mistress was so horny and when She told me about how much cum Her slave would produce whilst i was sucking him, i almost came myself right there & then! Mistress leaned forward and pushed my head down hard on the cock whilst telling me that when Her slave ejaculated in my mouth She was going to hold my head in place so that i would have no choice other than to swallow everything that he would deposit in my mouth - which would be a lot as Mistress would instruct him to to ejaculate for at least a week prior to my visit! Mistress then asked if i had ever swallowed another man's spunk and I replied that I had not. "Well let's make sure you have a taste for it" she laughed and walked across to a steel waste bin from which she retrieved several used condoms. Holding them up in front of me She laughed "It's a good job I had these to hand from my previous sessions today, isn't it?" There were four condoms all containing a rather large load of semen and I noticed that they were all knotted so the contents had not leaked out into the waste bin. "Kneel here!" Mistress ordered, so i knelt as instructed in front of her as she produced a pair of scissors from a drawer and a glass funnel from shelf her illuminated cabinet. "Open wide!" she barked and yanked my head back so that she could insert the glass funnel into my open mouth. "Now close!" she said and i gripped the glass funnel between my lips to hold it in place. Mistress then held all four condoms up and deftly snipped off the tied ends before upending them into the glass funnel and squeezing out the contents. i could see the disgusting thick gooey liquid pouring into the funnel and knew that it would soon be in my mouth. It was very viscous so it slowly slid down the neck and filled my mouth. "Don't swallow yet!" Mistress ordered me "Wait until is all in your mouth" The feeling of four other men's mixed ball-juice slowly filling my mouth was utterly revolting but Mistress was obviously enjoying degrading me as She used Her finger to push some stubborn large globs of cum down the glass funnel and into my mouth. "There" She laughed "What a filthy fucking cum-eating slut you are!" with which She reached out and pinched my nose between Her fingers. "Now swallow" She ordered and i gulped down the disgusting liquid, feeling it slide like thick slimy porridge down my throat. "That's it, swallow those other men's dirty sperm you fucking whore!" She laughed and let go of my nose. That's when i realised why She had pinched my nose, as when She let go the full awful taste hit me, making me retch violently. Mistress obviously found my discomfort to be highly amusing as She laughed uproariously. Grabbing my face she barked at me "And next time you swallow spunk it will be straight from my slave's big cock as I tell him to empty his sack down your throat whilst you slide your finger up his arse to make sure he dumps a really huge load in your mouth!" Mistress pulled the glass funnel from my mouth and handed it to me "Now lick that clean" She demanded and I dutifully set about licking the filthy residue from the glass bowl - there were quite a lot of thick jelly globs and I gagged as I swallowed  them but Mistress just laughed at my obvious revulsion and stood over me to watch until every last drop of spunk had been licked out and swallowed.  i could still taste the acrid sperm in my mouth when i was dismissed half-an-hour later but i took pleasure from the fact that I had amused Mistress. She has graciously permitted me to book a further appointment for next month when She has told me that she will have Her bi-slave in attendance ready for me to suck him off until he ejaculates in my mouth whilst She watches. I'm really nervous about it but highly excited too as an enforced-bi scenario has long been one of my ultimate fantasies and I cannot wait to do it under Mistress Carly's direction.

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