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by slave Mark on this site
Totally Used By Mistress Carly In A Latex Body-Bag

i visited Mistress Carly for my third session today and it was even better than the previous two times i have served Her (which i wouldn't have believed possible!)  The highlight of today's session was when i was secured naked in Mistress's latex body-bag so that just my head protruded from the top whilst the rest of me was restrained within the thick latex cocoon.  Mistress then removed Her panties and lowered Her exquisite smooth-shaven sex down onto my face so that i could pleasure Her with my tongue - what an honour!  After Mistress had 'Queened' me in this way for around ten minutes She suddenly stood-up and moved down my body.  Reaching down, She opened the strong two-way zip that runs the full length of the latex body-bag at my crotch and reaching inside, She soon located my stiff penis & testicles.  She pulled them out of the bag and then zipped it up so that just my erection and balls were sticking out of the bag (the zip cut into my sensitive parts but i didn't care).  Mistress then took out a ribbed black condom and unrolled it carefully down the length of my erect penis.  Positioning Herself over my stalk, She lowered Herself down onto my hard tool and guided it inside Her perfect sex.  i couldn't believe that i actually had my cock inside such a gorgeous creature as Mistress Carly and i watched amazed as She proceeded to ride up & down on my bone, obviously enjoying pleasuring Herself on my cock - amazing!  Her beautiful pussy felt deliciously tight as She enveloped it with Her soft, wet sex-hole and She began to ride on it really hard - basically just using my erection as a dildo!  i was so turned-on that I couldn't hold back from ejaculating but Mistress sensed straight away what i had done (I guessed that She felt my penis pulsating inside Her as i emptied my balls into the condom).  She was not amused and stood-up to see that the condom was full of My cum.  Admonishing me for daring to ejaculate before She had finished pleasuring Herself, Mistress tugged off the condom and told me to open my mouth.  She then squeezed my own sperm from the heavily filled rubber into my open mouth and ordered me to swallow it all, holding my nose tightly until i had no choice other than to do so - it made me gag.  Mistress then took a dildo-gag off the rail and fitted it to my face so that She could finish pleasuring Herself to full satisfaction on the big rubber dong that now protruded from my face.  The incredible view of Her delicious cunt being stretched wide by the thick black rubber tool just inches from my face as She rode up & down on it until She climaxed is something i will never forget and it certainly took my mind off having the taste of my own spunk in my mouth.  What a session! Mistress Carly truly is the perfect Mistress and i simply adore Her using me as Her own personal sex-toy!

by Edward on this site
CFNM Foot-Worship Heaven!

Being a CFNM aficionado, i visited Mistress Carly for the first time today and was totally blown-away by how stunningly beautiful She is - even more so than She appears in Her photo's (yes really!) As soon as i was inside Her luxurious, spacious home i was instructed to strip naked and was set to work carrying out some chores for Her. Mistress was clad in a figure-hugging, shiny black skirt with a matching blouse (unbuttoned halfway to accentuate Her beautiful cleavage) and 'sky-scraper' heels. She looked truly astounding and i soon became helplessly erect - and stayed that way until the end of the session. Mistress scolded me for being erect and said although She understood that it was inevitable in Her presence, i would have to be punished all the same. So, i was soon bent across her punishment bench receiving a hard spanking from Her bare hand - pure bliss! Once my bottom was suitably reddened, i was told to unzip Mistress's tight skirt which slipped down to reveal She was wearing silky seamed stockings with suspenders that framed Her beautiful bottom perfectly - i nearly ejaculated! Mistress then sat down and reclined into Her leather sofa and told Me to slip off Her Louboutins which i did. i was then instructed to worship Her long, lithe legs & feet and I eagerly set about doing so, rejoicing in the delicate aroma of Her gorgeous feet as i licked & sucked Her toes through the delicate mesh of Her stockings. As the session drew to a close Mistress said She was pleased with the way i had worshipped Her legs & feet and had decided to reward Me. i was told to kneel-up and Mistress grasped my erect penis between Her beautiful stockinged feet. Stroking them up & down my penis (occasionally using one of Her feet to rub my swollen balls) i was so excited that i soon ejaculated and looked down to see my hot fluid pumping out & splashing in thick globs onto Her beautiful feet & stockinged legs. Mistress just laughed and said that as i had been such a naughty boy i would have to clean-up my own mess so i was soon licking My own semen off Her as she watched. Once I had fulfilled my instructions i was told that i could dress and Mistress allowed me to leave. i can still remember the beautiful final image of Mistress leading me to Her door, clad only in Her black blouse with stockings, suspenders & stilettos - Her bum & legs are to die for! i simply cannot wait until i am able to request an appointment to visit Mistress Carly and be naked in Her presence again! She is perfect in every way and to serve Her is a dream come true!

by slave jason on this site
The Ultimate Privilege

i have had the pleasure of serving Mistress Carly five times now and every time i report to Her She takes me to yet another level. Today i was strapped to Her St Andrews cross and told that if i could take a severe whipping I might be permitted a 'special treat'. Mistress then administered the hardest caning i have ever taken - although my squeals of pain as She landed each blow were drowned out by Her laughter! Once Mistress finally tired of beating my arse she whispered into my ear that i had amused Her adequately so had earned the treat She had spoken of earlier. i was then led from Her playroom, up red carpeted stairs to Her Inner Sanctum for the first time. It is a sumptuous tented room designed exclusively for Her to take men to use them as Her sex-toys and i became very excited wondering how She was going to use me. Mistress then secured my arms outstretched to the chains that are fitted to the bottom of Her bed so that i was kneeling at the foot of Her bed. Mistress then fitted a leather collar to my neck and similar leather thigh straps to Her perfect slim & toned thighs. Mistress then spread Her thighs wide, pulled my head into Her perfect smooth-shaven pussy and clipped rings on my collar to metal rings on Her thigh-straps, so that my face was held securely in place against her peachy sex (She smelled divine and i was so excited that i almost ejaculated. "Now pleasure Me!" She ordered and i gently inserted my tongue between Her velvety lips to seek out Her hard little love-bud which I then set to work on pleasuring. And that is where i stayed for the next half-hour or so whilst Mistress simply used my tongue as Her sex-toy. I believe She climaxed several times before i was finally released and although my arms & neck were hurting badly having been fixed in one position for so long, i enjoyed every second of the experience. my face was coated in Mistress's delicious juices and I shall certainly not wash my face for days as i can still taste Her exquisite aroma on my lips - what an honour it was to serve Her and see how my oral attentions brought Her so much pleasure. Mistress told me that perhaps next time she may even decide to use my constantly hard erection for Her pleasure (and who wouldn't be permanently erect when in the presence of such a gorgeous, drop-dead sexy woman?) What a privilege that would be - i just hope i can earn such a reward by taking enough pain to amuse Her so that she decides I am worthy!

by Joseph .A on this site

I was met at the door by this perfection of a Mistress, tall, slender and extremely elegant. I could not take my eyes off her stunning body and sensuous smile. We entered her home where she put me totally at ease and discussed the forthcoming session.WOW! What a session. Words alone could not describe it. Needless to say it is an experience I will never forget and I shall most definitely return time and again.I have been to several Mistresses before but none as perfect as Mistress Carly - from her pefectly shaped and toned body to her sensuous smile.Finally, be warned, once you have looked into her eyes you will be under her trance and will wish for no other Mistress. She is PERFECTION in every way. You have been warned!!!!!!!

by Dominic on this site
Worshipping Mistress's Sublime Sex

I attended Mistress Carly for the third time today and was honoured to have her 'Queen' me for a large portion of My visit. Having Her settle Her exquisite & succulent sex down onto My face so that i could pleasure Her with my tongue for a prolonged period until she came was such an honour and the fact that I nearly passed-out as she rode My face hard and smothered me with her perfect buttocks only added to the experience. After all, Mistress's pleasure comes before My need to breathe! I simply cannot wait to prostrate Myself beneath Her again and have her use My tongue for Her own sexual satisfaction.

by Stuart on this site
Pure Perfection!

Having visited a number of Mistresses before over many years I would consider myself to be somewhat experienced as a slave, so it may suffice to say that having had the pleasure of serving Mistress Carly for the first time today, I shall not be looking to submit myself to any other Dom other than Her at any future date!To say Mistress Carly is stunningly beautiful would be more than an understatement and her powerful, & athletic physique is truly breathtaking! She simply oozes Dominant authority and obviously takes great pleasure from making men do her bidding - and punishing them imaginatively if they do not please Her.Her facilities are superb - Her luxurious home reflects Her impeccable taste and Her spacious, fully-equipped, mirrored playroom is the best I have experienced. I truly have reached my destination in finding Mistress Carly - She is quite simply perfection and I cannot wait to prostrate Myself at Her feet again as soon as possible.

by Slave A on this site

My first session today with Mistress Carly and what an experience! A true professional dominatrix but with a lovely personal touch. She is totally stunning in every way with a great personality, a fantastic wardrobe, an incredible figure and to be honest, the pictures on Her site are outdone by Mistress Carly in person! I was captured by this Dominant Lady and hope that I shall be invited back into her chambers to serve Her again--it will be a privilege. Today is one that I shall remember for quite a while........

by slave chester on this site
Totally Enthralling

As a complete novice I approached my first appointment with Mistress Carly with much trepidation. I needn't have worried though as She quickly put me at ease. She is without doubt as deliciously wicked as She is stunningly beautiful. I was totally enthralled by Her. An amazing Goddess!

by Slave D on this site
Mesmerisingly Stunning

For the very first time yesterday I had the unbelievable pleasure of visiting the most exquisite MISTRESS for what was the most mind blowing two hours of my entire life. I'm insanely jealous that this STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL, MESMERISING MISTRESS has so many admirers. To say that I will return is the biggest understatement I have ever made. Stunningly beautiful with a truly awesome body and highly skilled in HER craft, MISTRESS CARLY is without any doubt the most FANTASTIC MISTRESS there is.

by slave danny on this site

I attended my first session with Mistress Carly yesterday. Wow! To say I was blown away by how beautiful She was is an understatement. I arrived excited and as nervous as hell but within first few minutes She had reassured me and made me feel relaxed. I was then ordered to strip naked in front of Her and my journey began. I so hope it's a long one. The highlight for me was Mistress allowing me to drink her golden cocktail. An amazing expierence for me with such a divine Goddess,

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