Ball Busting Domination with Mistress Carly, Kent, UK

I thoroughly enjoy performing in My BDSM & Domination Play Room, located in Ashford, Kent UK, is Ball Busting with Mistress Carly. It’s a general term that’s used for any kind of cock and/or ball torture mainly involving the testicles. This can mean that If I so desire, and you are worthy, I will squeeze, bind, slap, kick or punch your testicles. I may even introduce foreign objects during this form of domination. These can include, but are certainly not limited to whips, humblers, floggers, paddles and so on. I will be the one administering the Ball Busting during our session, you will be on the receiving end of it. 

The Basics of Ball Busting Domination

The most enjoyable part of my submissive’s body to play with and punish is of course the testicle area. I can bring you to your knees with a simple flick and that empowers Me. There is so much importance laying inside these tiny, shriveled sacks of yours and they will be under My complete control. You will bring Me incrediblE pleasure and amusement as I toy with your sack.

I imagine that you will also take pleasure from feeling so vulnerable as I take full control of what you feel is so dear to you. It’s important to know that your pleasure is of little importance too Me, but it pleases Me to know how much you will appreciate the dominance I have over you. There lies the beauty and simplicity of the basics of Ball Busting. Your balls are in My complete control. 

A Typical Ball Busting Scenario

I will have you strapped to either a chair or a cross, with your legs spread wide open and your balls hanging freely. At My leisure I will begin punishing your balls, however I see fit. Depending on My mood you may feel a little pleasure as I toy with your balls, tickling and pinching them. On the other hand, they you may feel immense pain as I slam My foot into your scrotum. Either way, I shall expect to be thanked for even touching you.

So, if you would like to request a Ball Busting Session with Me in My Domination playroom located in Kent UK, then click the button below and submit an application for an appointment, carefully obeying all the rules that are clearly stated.

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