Double-Domme With Mistress Carly

As if serving & worshipping Me alone would not be reward enough for any slave, should you wish to take your experience to the next level, I can arrange for My good friend Mistress Amelia to join us for a Double-Domme session. She is blonde, statuesque and is an ex Page 3 model, so like Me, is worthy of your total adoration & devotion.

She shares My tastes in using males as purely sex-toys for our own personal pleasure & satisfaction and will also delight in using your erection as a human-dildo if it pleases Her to do so.

You should be aware though, that whilst enjoying the undoubted privilege of serving & worshipping two incredible Mistresses is an honour, should you fail to please us in any way, then you will expect to suffer at the hands of two cruel women who will take delight in making you suffer at their hands!

The possibilities are incredible of course – imagine being secured in our ‘Queening’ throne whilst one of us sits on your face and the other mounts & rides your throbbing erection, before we decide to swop places – or us both pulling on our favourite strap-ons and ‘spit-roasting’ you whilst you are secured helpless to our steel Fetters bondage-bench!

Play With Mistress Carly’s Slave-Girl

If you have ever dreamed of being forced to interact with an attractive naked slave-girl under the supervision of a beautiful Mistress, then you may request a session during which I will arrange for My blonde slave-girl to attend.

you will both be naked and will be instructed to wear masks whilst I delight in ordering you to do anything that it may please Me to see you enact. If I order you to pleasure her with your tongue, you will and if I order her to pleasure you with her mouth, she will. If I decide to strap Her to My bondage-bench and order you to fuck her in front of Me, you will do so, or if I order her to fuck you with a strap-on in front of Me, she will do so. Neither of you will have any say in what transpires as you will both exist purely for My own pleasure & amusement! The possibilities are literally endless!

Of course, you will both undoubtedly be made to watch whilst the other slave is being punished or used by Me, which will only serve to heighten the sense of excitement & trepidation in not knowing what is going to happen to you (or her) next!


Of course, all of the above options will require an increased session tribute ranging from @£100 for My bi-slave to attend for part of a session to perform enforced-bi/cuckold/glory-hole duties. Double-Domme/slave-girl options will attract an additional tribute of @£200 an hour.

If you wish to request any of these options you should first contact Me to enquire about availability for your preferred date, outlining your request (type & duration etc) in order that I may confirm availability and the required additional tribute.

Ready to Play?