Face-Sitting With UK Dominatrix Mistress Carly

Face-Sitting (also known as ‘Queening’) is, basically, the use of a male’s face, mouth, nose & tongue, as a substitute for sexual intercourse and masturbation, by a Dominant woman. It places the man in the most slavish, subservient position, under the Woman’s buttocks and crotch as She sits on his face, or has his head trapped between her thighs.

The Woman’s clitoris, vulva, labia and vagina demand service and the whole event is devoted to solely Her pleasure & orgasms. The man’s pleasure or pain, satisfaction or frustration, desires or fears are of little importance…if any!

Face-Sitting Has Been Enjoyed Throughout The Ages

This thrilling, delicious sexual practice has an ancient and traditional history. Ladies of medieval households often had pages, whose sole job was to provide them with mouth, lip and tongue service under their skirts while their husband were absent, thus remaining, technically faithful. Many a young boy had his first lessons in sex with his head under Madame’s backside, with her quim vigorously riding his face. Many young girls still virgins, enjoyed orgasms on a male servant’s mouths as the earliest sexual experiences.

Mouth and tongue sexual service to the Female genitals is ‘cunnilingus’ or ‘cunnilinctus’ literally c*nt licking/ sucking. Queening properly places the Woman on top of the male face, using it ruthlessly and selfishly. The Lady commands, the man obeys. Having the male slave erect, frustrated and unsatisfied adds to the sadistic pleasures enjoyed by the Woman.

Your Face Becomes My Pleasure Toy

Face-sitting is one of my own personal favourite pastimes as I love to literally use a slave’s face for My own carnal pleasures, bringing Myself off repeatedly on his helpless face whilst he is secured in My ‘Queening’ stool, ready & available for Me to use for as long & as often as I wish. Whilst it is of no consequence to me whether or not the slave is enjoying the experience, the fact that they invariably display a throbbing erection throughout the event would seem to indicate that they do indeed enjoy it and many will often spontaneously ejaculate heavily as I ride Myself to a shuddering climax on their face!

Of course, breathing can become somewhat difficult for a slave whilst his face is enveloped by My firm round arse-cheeks and some will invariably lose consciousness but this will not deter Me from attaining My orgasm – after all, Mistress always cums first!

Ready to Play?