Leg Worship With Mistress Carly

Leg Worship, or ‘Crurophilia’ to give this activity its’ technical name, is exactly that – the adoration & worshiping of another person’s legs. Body worship is prevalent in many different fetishes but leg worship is often a part of a Fem-Dom scenario in which the submissive male derives great pleasure from worshipping his Mistress’s legs. This can often extend to and include the feet, although foot worship is generally considered to be a separate fetish with its’ own motivations & meanings.

My Legs Go All The Way Up

Luckily, I have been blessed with a long, slender pair of legs that (if I say so Myself) do look pretty damned good clad in sheer seamed stockings held-up with a six, eight or even ten-strap suspender-belt and topped-off with spike-heeled Louboutins. Most men seem to be in awe of My long, lithe legs and need little encouragement to fall to their knees so that they may stroke, kiss & caress My legs at length. The fact that I train regularly at the gym to keep My body in shape has the added advantage of ensuring that My thighs in particular are fit & firm with smooth skin taut over My muscular & powerful physique.

The Legs Are The First Thing You Should Worship

Worshipping My legs is often one of the first tasks I will set a naked slave in order to show his devotion to Me, whether I be standing or reclining in My throne as he toils away naked endeavouring to impress Me with his attentions in the hope of being granted some small favour for his efforts if they please Me adequately.

Of course, towards the top of My legs are the twin treasures of My peachy arse and…My sweet, succulent sex, both of which are the desirous destination of the tongue of any sub’ male who is privileged enough to be permitted to grovel naked before Me to serve & worship Me.

Worship My Legs And Prove Your Worthiness

Therefore, leg worship is the ideal way for a slave to prove his worthiness to be permitted the honour of being instructed to turn his attentions to worshipping either My arse and/or My sex, so I expect a slave to effectively demonstrate his eagerness to do so through his efforts at worshipping My legs initially.

It may please Me to instruct a slave to rub his invariably erect cock across My stockinged legs and even order him to ejaculate heavily onto the sheer black fabric of My stockings so that I can gauge just how sincere he is by the amount of thick white sperm he is able to deposit upon My command.

Of course, once he has soiled My stockings in this way he will be expected to clean-up his own dirty mess with his tongue, swallowing everything that he licks-up until my stockinged-legs are spotlessly clean again – which is all part of the fun of leg-worship in My opinion! Click the button below to book a session of Leg Worship with Mistress Carly.

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