Nipple Torture With Mistress Carly, UK Dominatrix

Nipple torture is a BDSM activity where the dominant partner inflicts pain or intense stimulation on the breasts of the submissive partner. Nipple torture may include use of nipple clamps, clothes pins, caning, flagellation, piercing, or various forms of sensation play including electricity and temperature. Since the breasts are erogenous zones, the experience in nipple torture is said to be one of pain blended with pleasure.

My Nipple Torture Is A Form Of Art

I am highly skilled in all aspects of nipple torture and delight in administering all levels of pain to a slave’s highly sensitive nipples. I find this works particularly well when I have a slave secured naked to My St Andrews Cross and works particularly well when combined with CBT as his nipples and his genitals will be exposed and totally at My mercy to toy & play with in whatever manner I choose.

I have several different types of nipple-clamps – some of which are fitted to chains so that I can add to the pressure of the clips on the slave’s nipples by gradually adding weights of increasing size. Of course, as the pain increases, so invariably will the sub’s squeals of agony, so I will often fit a ball-gag to stifle his protestations if I find them to be annoying!

Feel The Electricity Pulse Through Your Nipples

Electrics are also a highly effective way to administer shocks of varying intensity to a slave’s nipples and My top-of-the-range Electra-Stim power-pack has electrodes designed specifically for this purpose. Again, this works particularly well when coupled with CBT as a poor slave won’t know whether the next jolt I give him by jabbing the ‘Shock’ button on My control-box will manifest itself in his cock, balls or his nipples, depending upon which setting I have selected – what fun!

Ice & hot-wax are also fun ways to apply pain to a slave’s nipples, plus I have pin-wheels & even spiked leather gloves in which the fingers house razor-sharp needles that all play a part when I decide to introduce some nipple torture into a session. Not forgetting of course that just a sharp twist from My fingers on a slave’s nipple is also able to focus his attention when I feel he is not performing whatever task I have set him to an adequate level.

Learn Your Place With A Nipple Torture Session

Finally, a quick & simple way for Me to remind an errant slave who is in charge is through the well-placed sting of a whip on his nipple. This takes considerable skill, which of course comes through practice, so I like to ‘keep My hand in’ by regularly strapping a slave to My cross and using his nipples for target-practice using a selection of my crops, switches & whips. I find the longer the whip, the more skill is required to place a blow from it bang-on the nipple – but gratifyingly, it seems that the longer the whip, the more excruciating pain is delivered to the subject’s nipple when it does find it’s mark. I certainly find it great fun to ‘practice’ in this way and measure My level of success against the cry of pain that emanates from the lucky slave I am practicing on after each swing (lol).

Ready to Play?