Sissy Maid Training with Mistress Carly, Kent UK

Now this is a favourite of Mine when it comes to humiliating My subs when they book a session in My playroom in Ashford, Kent UK. I will turn you into the perfect Sissy Maid during a vigorous training session, making sure you know exactly what to wear, how to present yourself and which duties you must fulfil.

What Is The Mistress Carly Sissy Maid Training Class?

A session of Sissy Maid Training is quite simply where I instruct you on your duties as My new Sissy Maid while humiliating and punishing you as you cook, clean and serve. For those of you that are new to this kind of role play, Sissy Training is part of the Feminization fetish where over a period of time, I will turn that whimpering husk of a body into a completely subservient Sissy, performing incredibly feminine actions and behaviours while you are in My company and also embracing the roll of a female maid.

An enjoyable part, for Me, is dressing you up in a girly maids outfit, removing bodily hair from you – including genitalia, covering your face in sissy make up and ensuring your underwear is girly and sissy. You will feel humiliated and If I choose so, you will also enjoy it and thank Me for it.

Sissy Maid Training Example

As an example of a typical session of you acting as My Sissy Maid, you will be instructed to serve guests of Mine in whatever way they see fit. This can include serving the drinks or food, taking their coat, making sure every wish of theirs is fulfilled. They may want your genitalia exposed during these acts and it will be your duty to oblige. If I find that you are doing a particularly good job I may reward you and allow you to orgasm.

So if you’re located near or in Kent UK and you are looking for a Mistress to serve, and you know how to follow the rules correctly, you may fill out My contact form.

Ready to Play?