Slapping Session With Mistress Carly

As a Mistress, inflicting pain on a slave is not only My right, but is something that I enjoy doing – whether it be as punishment for a sub’s inability to carry-out duties or satisfy Me sexually to an adequate level, or simply for My own amusement to see just how much the poor wretch can take and these are just some of the reasons to book a Slapping session with Mistress Carly!

Whilst I have a plethora of hi-tech equipment at My disposal, designed solely for the purpose of administering pain to any part of a slave’s body that it may amuse Me to, often the simplicity of a well-aimed slap across a slave’s face can be suitably satisfying – especially if the recipient is not expecting it! Having a naked slave tied to My St Andrews Cross for example, means that he is utterly helpless and totally at My mercy to receive repeated blows to the face – what fun!

I’m Fit And Strong

I attend the gym most days and often concentrate on working my upper-body strength to ensure that I am able to administer particularly powerful blows – in fact I sometimes enjoy breaking-out My. stainless-steel dumbells and giving my biceps a work-out right in front of the quivering naked slave as he is tied to my cross awaiting My attention! The poor slave will be treated to the sight of my bulging biceps and jiggling 36″DD breasts as I work-up a sweat in front of him, then will quake in sheer terror & anticipation as I step forward and position Myself so as to be able to strike him hard across the face.

An intense five-minute slapping session (during which I can easily administer over one-hundred blows!) will reduce even the most hardened slave to a blubbering wreck as I rain heavy slap after slap after slap across his face whilst berating him for whatever misdemeanour he has committed to earn him this treatment (possibly only daring to be erect without My permission whilst watching Me work-out!). To protect My hands, I will often don My leather slapping gloves to administer a repeated slapping and this has the added pleasurable (for Me) effect of ensuring that each hard slap results in a loud retort that reverberates around My playroom – most satisfying!

You Will Be Slapped Into Submission

Of course, single slaps to a slave’s face are a highly effective way of administering a short sharp shock to admonish or encourage a slave whenever I feel the need to dispense such treatment and the fact that they are generally unexpected by the recipient means that the element of shock & surprise add to the satisfaction – for Me.

Finally, slapping is not reserved solely for a slave’s face, as I often enjoy administering a sound slapping to a sub’s bare behind and will often leave a slave’s derriere so hot & angry red, that they will find it rather uncomfortable to sit-down for some time afterwards – a shame if they intend on driving home after their attendance! (lol)

Ready to Play?