Small Penis Humiliation with UK Domme Mistress Carly

(SPH) is a form of verbal erotic humiliation involving the penis where a dominant person usually consensually degrades a submissive male’s penis. The practice may involve sexual acts or just the verbal humiliation itself.

Any Size Penis Can Be Humiliated

Submissive men who enjoy SPH do not necessarily have small penises. They like the idea of being humiliated and having the penis treated as useless, especially involving penis size-related offenses or mocking the penis in general. Some women get sexually aroused with the power to be the ultimate judge of a man’s penis and to humiliate him. For many, weakening the sense of manhood imposed by society can be erotic.

SPH is often associated with cuckoldry when the submissive man is rejected and humiliated with the argument that he cannot satisfy his partner or his penis is not large enough to pleasure anyone. Some relate SPH to feminization as well, and even compare the submissive’s penis size to the size of a clitoris during humiliation.

I will Make Your Tiny Penis Feel Worthless

I genuinely love incorporating SPH into sessions in My playroom as ridiculing a male’s sexual organs is such fun and I have developed an extensive repertoire of highly insulting remarks to direct at an abject male to degrade him whilst he is naked before Me. I especially enjoy laughing openly at a male’s penis whilst telling him how totally inadequate he is to satisfy or please Me (or any other woman) with it and I will often fit a latex sheath/extender over a slave’s erection so that I can mount & ride it to pleasure Myself. This has the advantage of adding length & girth to his erection but whilst the realistic-looking sheath has the effect of making his cock look larger, it also ensures that he can feel almost nothing as I work Myself up & down on it, basically just using him as a human-dildo (lol)!

My BIG Black Bull Will Put You To Shame

Incorporating SPH into a cuckold scenario adds an extra level of humiliation for My slave as he is forced to watch My BIG black bull thrusting his ‘thick-as-your-wrist’ ebony shaft into My sex at close-range, whilst we both direct cutting insults at his sexual inadequacy as he is forced to watch Me being pleasured to orgasm by a ‘real’ man! In fact, I will often instruct My slave to suck My bull’s huge black tool in front of Me so that he can get a ‘taste’ of what I’m about to enjoy – oh, and of course he will be expected to clean-up the thick mess sticky left by My bull when he has ejaculated inside Me – with his tongue!

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