Spanking Session With Mistress Carly

Erotic spanking is the act of striking the (usually) bare buttocks of another person with the open/flat hand for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. The intensity of the act can vary in both its duration and severity, and may include the use of one or more spanking implements (such as the wooden spoon or cane). Erotic spanking is often found within and associated with BDSM, however the activity is not exclusive to it. The term spankee is commonly used within erotic spanking to refer to the individual receiving a spanking.

Gentlemen Need To Be Spanked

I find that many mature gentlemen who have previously experienced public school discipline in their youth, enjoy this aspect of Fem-Dom, as being spanked or caned at school often coincided with their first sexual awakenings and the two have become inextricably linked in their psyche.

I Have Many Spanking Apparatus At My Disposal

Spanking a slave whilst he is secured helplessly on My bondage bench or St Andrews Cross is always a gratifying experience and is commonly a way that I ‘warm-up’ a slave’s derriere in preparation for receiving the attentions of My whip, crop, tawse, paddle, etc. I can also employ a selection of suitable implements (to prevent My hand from stinging too much) such as a wooden-spoon and a hairbrush or slipper and will also

This particular activity also lends itself well to being included within a role-play scenario with Me adopting the role of a strict Headmistress or Dom Female Boss who wishes to chastise an errant pupil or employee for some misdemeanour in a humiliating way. Indeed, I often put a naked male across My knee to receive ‘six of the best’ in such situations, as I find it highly erotic to administer punishment in this way.

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