Spanking Session With Mistress Carly

Erotic spanking is a type of impact play in which a person uses their hands, whip, paddle, crop, or flagger to spank parts of another person’s body for consensual and mutual sexual pleasure. Spanking is a light BDSM activity often used as foreplay before sexual intercourse or a kinky warm up during domination play. Receiving an erotic spanking can increase blood flow in the groin area and releases pleasurable chemicals in the brain, including endorphins and dopamine, to enhance sexual pleasure.

I’m A Strict Head Mistress

Spanking is definitely something which I enjoy administering as part of role-play scenario in which I adopt the role of a Strict Headmistress or Bossy Head-Girl and an errant pupil summoned to my private study can expect to have his trousers & pants pulled down before being placed across My knees to receive a stinging spanking from my bare hand. Once I have suitably ‘warmed-up’ the recipient’s derierre to a rosy glow, I may then decide to employ the use of an implement such as a hairbrush, leather belt, tawse or cane to increase the level of pain that is administered with each stroke.

Your Buttocks, My Utensils

To further intensify the scenario I will often then instruct the recipient to bend over My leather-topped antique mahogany desk so that I can administer further strokes of My hand or cane from a standing position behind them, which of course means that I can take a full swing and deliver a powerful blow to their helpless buttocks. Should their cries become annoying, I may well remove My panties and stuff them in their mouth to stifle their protestations.

Ready to Play?