Trampling with Mistress Carly, UK Domme

Trampling fetish is one of the kinkiest in the world of Female Domination. Trampling involves a Dominant female standing all over the slave and putting pressure on his body with all of Her weight on the sub’s face, chest, back or even genitals. The worst options for a slave is to be trampled all over his face or genitals (small surface and a big pressure). Things get especially painful and humiliating when the Dominant Female is wearing spike-heeled stiletto shoes or boots! You can clearly see the red marks and bruises left from Her heels after a trampling torture session. This Female Domination method can most definitely be classed as “torture” because the suffering and pain can be almost unbearable.

You Will Be Under My Boot

I often enjoy trampling as part of a Fem-Dom session in My playroom as in My opinion, the perfect and fitting place for a slave to be is under My feet! Trampling is a perfect extension of a foot-worship scenario where I will walk all over a slave’s face & body in My bare feet, forcing him to lick & suck My toes as I put the pressure of My weight on him.

Enjoy The View From The Floor

My playroom has handy beams which enable Me to easily adjust the pressure I put on him as I hold onto them – and if I’m feeling really cruel, I will instruct the slave to worship My stilettos as I stand on him wearing My shoes or boots of choice. Of course, it’s not all bad news for the slave, as he is afforded a perfect view of My firm body towering over him as he licks & sucks at my feet or shoes – lucky chap!

Ready to Play?