Verbal Humiliation With Mistress Carly

Erotic Hiumilation fetishes are popular among submissives in a Fem-Dom situation. Verbal belittlement is a consensual psychological form of humiliation that creates a rise in excitement for both the slave and the Mistress.

Though they are typically considered the same thing, humiliation and degradation are actually quite different. Humiliation effects an individual mentally—by name-calling a body part, or making fun of someone’s size. Cuckolding, for example, is a form of degradation because it’s a more public act, where the cuckolded individual is perceived to be less adequate than the male who is having sex with the female in front of him.

My Words Will Sting And Turn You On

Sexual stimulation is often, but not always, the result of verbal humiliation. Humiliation play is also typically fostering a type of fetish. For example, in a foot-fetish scenario, the Mistress may instruct that the submissive wash, clean, or massage Her feet while verbal humiliation is occurring. The two linked humiliating acts can cause an intense arousal.

Verbal humiliation can include the use of words like ‘slut’ or ‘whore’; being mocked, ridiculed or having appearance belittled; use of racial or ethnic slurs; asking permission to eat, to go to the bathroom or to have an orgasm; not allowing sub to leave the playroom or house; treated like a pet or an object; being treated or scolded like a child; made to use honorifics such as Master, Mistress, Sir, Ma’am or Daddy. An example would be using demeaning language with the sub either in a forced feminization, a pet play or slave scene.

Verbal Humiliation Is Something I Enjoy Often

I often employ verbal humiliation during sessions in My playroom, as demeaning a slave’s body (especially his genitals) is not only fun for Me but also asserts My superiority over him as he of course, has no choice other than to bow his head & suffer all & any insults that I may decide to hurl at him! Of course, slaves rarely manage to satisfy Me, so through My many years of experience, I have amassed an extensive selection of particularly vicious insults to hurl at any poor naked male who to degrade, humiliate & belittle him in My presence.

As an example of the perfect use of Verbal Humiliation, I often use it when ‘sissifying’ a slave. I will tell him I am going to dress him up like a dirty slut and take him to a men’s public toilet where I will order him to perform oral on a succession of strange men to earn money for Me, adding that if someone offers Me extra, I will likely allow them to use his anus too! Once suitable feminised, I will order the slave to parade sexily up & down in front of Me whilst I call him a ‘Filthy Slut’ and a ‘Dirty Whore’, adding that as his sad little dick is so pathetic, he is only fit to be used by other men for their pleasure in front of Me. Book a session of Verbal Humiliation with Mistress Carly today.

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