Watersports With UK Dominatrix, Mistress Carly

Watersports refers to urine play, or acts that involve urinating in or on another person. Individuals who participate in watersports may enjoy being urinated on or urinating on another person’s body, including their face, breasts and genitals. Watersports also includes acts such as urinating in another person’s mouth. These acts are often associated with BDSM. Urinating on another person is seen as symbolic of possession, and it can be used as a form of punishment or humiliation. Watersports is also known as ‘golden showers’.

Watersports Is A Reward From Mistress Carly

I consider watersports to be a privilege for a slave to earn. Something to be savoured and given by Me as a reward for pleasing Me in some way. Whether that be from pleasuring Me sexually particularly well with his tongue, or enduring some form of prolonged or extreme punishment at My hands – just for My amusement. I also agree that it is a very definite symbol of Dominance and possession and when I choose to stand over a spread eagled slave and open my bladder, so that My hot liquid gushes all over his naked body, I am making it quite clear that it is I who am superior and if I choose to use him as My toilet, then that is My prerogative to do so!

Should a slave be particularly deserving of a treat in My opinion, then I may well squat over his face, order him to open his mouth and let flow with My golden Champagne directly into his mouth, so that he may gulp it down and savour the sweet taste of his Mistress’s nectar. Sometimes a slave may like the idea but baulk at actually going through with this, so I have several devices which I may put to use, including a funnel-gag that secures his mouth wide open and ensures that every drop of My hot liquid is directed down his throat (lol). My ‘queening’ box lends itself well to enforcing watersports as I can fix a slave’s head in place, settle Myself onto the seat with My sex directly over his face and simply empty myself all over him, drenching his head with my acrid fluid.

I sometimes enjoy administering a ‘golden shower’ without warning – especially whilst being ‘Queened’ as the poor slave will be dutifully licking away to bring Me to orgasm when suddenly his face & moth will be washed with hot liquid gushing from My sex-hole. I love hearing the gurgling gasps of shock & surprise as the poor wretch attempts to keep pleasuring Me as I simply piss in his mouth!

Private Playroom Area For Watersports

My playroom has a secluded paved outdoor area immediately adjacent which lends itself perfectly to watersports activities as I have an outdoor shower (cold of course) where a slave can wash himself off once I have used him as my toilet – indeed I even have a custom-designed toilet-stool which I may settle myself onto with his head secured directly below ready to receive whatever I may decide to deposit onto his upturned face!

Ready to Play?