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IMPORTANT NOTICE: This form is ONLY for an in person session. For an online Skype Session, use the Contact Me page.

I am highly selective in whom I choose to allow to serve me and you will only ever get one chance to make a first impression. Before completing this form please make sure you obey these rules:

  • YOU MUST Contact Me and check My availability for your preferred date(s) before filling out the Booking Form
  • Requests may only be made for appointments up to ten days in advance
  • Carefully read & understand ALL of the information contained on My website (including My FAQs) prior to requesting an appointment
  • Fill out all fields accurately
  • See below for my fees when completing the form
  • Initial appointments must be for a minimum duration of two hours
  • After I receive your completed form I will call to conduct a brief interview
  • Be respectful, time wasters will be completely ignored

After completing my form, if you do not hear from me within 24 hours, please email – only use this email if I do not reply to your form submission or the form fails.

** Your IP address will be logged on form submission for security.

My required tributes are as follows:

My minimum session period is one hour, for which the required tribute is £300
Additional hours (or parts thereof) require a further tribute of £150
Therefore, a two-hour session is £450, a three-hour session is £600 and four hours is £750

The rates listed above are of course the minimum tributes I would expect and you are welcome to show your appreciation by making a higher tribute of whatever amount you deem appropriate – as many slaves do!

For those of you not into full-on BDSM but who would enjoy the prospect of being bossed around and used as a sexual plaything by a confident, demanding & sexually assertive woman, you may care to visit My alternative Execu-Domme site:

Appointment / Booking Form:

PLEASE NOTE: YOU MUST Contact Me first before filling out this appointment booking form and check my availability. This is important.

Appointment Requests

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