A selection of reviews of sessions from those who have been lucky enough to serve Me previously. Click any review below to expand and read:

My Forever Mistress

Wow!! What an amazing session I just had with the superb Mistress Carly.

I had contacted Mistress a week earlier explaining my kinks & preferences and Mistress ordered me to fill out my slave application form.

Upon arrival at Mistress’s premises I presented my tribute and completed form for Her perusal. Thankfully Mistress then ordered me to strip naked before Her.

What happened next I can only describe as the most amazing experience of my life.
I was led into Her playroom and my wrists were cuffed & secured to hooks on the ceiling above me. Mistress then went to work on my nipples first with Her long elegantly manicured nails, then clamps and pinwheels. Mistress then released me ordered me to get on my knees and worship Her stiletto-heeled shoes and then Her wonderful feet. I was then ordered to my feet and instructed to lick and suck Mistress’s wonderful voluptuous breasts, which I did with all the enthusiasm I could muster.

Mistress then strapped me helpless to Her leather & steel bondage bench where She proceeded to drip hot candle wax all over my body and torture my nipples some more. Next Mistress produced Her suction/milking machine and went to work on my cock and my nipples, all the time teasing me by talking about the amazing sex She had enjoyed with Her black ‘Bull’ the previous day, while caressing Her amazing breasts and fingering Herself ,then pushing Her fingers into my mouth so I could taste Her amazing sex.

As the session came to an end, I was ordered to lie on the floor and place my head inside Mistress’s Queening box. What happened next was almost too amazing to put into words. Mistress sat on the seat of the box above my head, Her beautiful rosebud and pussy millimetres away from my willing tongue and ordered me to worship Her orally and bring Her to orgasm with my tongue, which I dutifully did. As Mistress came She relieved Herself and flooded my face & mouth with Her golden nectar at the same time – I was in Heaven!

I have now found a Mistress to serve for the rest of my life. No other Mistress could ever come close to emulating the wonderful Mistress Carly – and I have served many Mistresses over the years! I’m already counting the days until I can serve You again my beautiful Mistress

slave Tony

Electro-Sounded & 'Milked' Dry!

I attended Mistress Carly for a first session yesterday, having visited several pro Dommes in the past and was absolutely blown away both by Mistress Carly Herself and also Her facilities & level of expertise. When She opened the door I was literally stunned at Her statuesque appearance – an absolute vision of Dominance, immaculately groomed with an incredible body sheathed in a skin-tight crystal encrusted gown, spike-heeled stilettos, lavish diamante jewellery, all finished off with a black filigree crystal-studded eye-mask!!

If Mistress Carly’s visage was stunning; on entering Her atmospheric, superbly-equipped chamber my levels of nervous excitement were heightened even further. Mistress has amassed an eclectic selection of high-quality equipment which is displayed in perfect order in Her ‘playroom’. The sight of shiny steel apparatus neatly displayed on illuminated glass shelves with all manner of items of torture hanging from rails on the mirrored walls was mesmerising. Before I could take everything in, Mistress had instructed Me to strip naked in front of Her as She sat in Her plush red velvet, gilt-trimmed throne, until I stood totally naked ready for Her inspection. Mistress remarked upon My erection which stood out hard & proud from my groin – I couldn’t help it as She was simply a vision of Domimant beauty!

Without recounting every part of My utterly astounding first session with Mistress Carly, I will say that it totally eclipsed any previous sessions that I have enjoyed with other Dommes. I have a penchant for electrics & CBT and Mistress Carly soon had me strapped helpless to Her heavy-steel Fetters bondage table with My legs splayed wide, strapped into stirrups to allow Her unhindered access to my genitals. Mistress Carly is obviously highly experienced in the use of electrics and has a full range of specialist equipment available to enable Her to deliver shocks of any intensity to just about any part of a slave’s body – although She admitted freely that Her favourite ‘target’ is a slave’s cock & balls.

Mistress had fitted a ball gag to ensure that I could not protest (or move as I was so tightly strapped-down) and had already fitted a metal cock-ring to the base of my dick, which was attached by a lead to her electrics box. I panicked as I saw Her select a long steel ‘sound’ from several in a glass cabinet. She deftly fitted a further cable attached to Her electrics box and (after applying lubricant to the sound) She gripped my still erect penis and began to feed it into my cock! The feeling of the cool metal rod sliding down inside my erection was incredible. Once She had slid all but an inch of the sound into my penis Mistress purred “Now…let the fun begin!” The next half-hour or so passed in a blur of deliciously painful electro-torture to my genitals as Mistress Carly took obvious delight in administering shocks to my oh-so-sensitive area. After initially delivering shocks deep into the base of my still erect cock via the sound, Mistress inserted a stainless-steel butt-plug into My anus and also connected that to Her electrics box so that She could deliver shocks into my body in various ways at whatever intensity that it pleased Her to. Finally, Mistress donned a glove which had electrical contacts on the fingers, so that She could deliver shocks to whatever part of my body that She chose to touch – including my nipples & balls. The exquisite sensation of internal electrical ‘fireworks’ that She expertly administered was absolutely incredible and I was literally in Heaven – laying there naked & helpless as Mistress literally toyed with Me by making me suffer for Her enjoyment was such a privilege…and a turn-on!

Once Mistress Carly had enjoyed torturing me enough, She rounded-off the session by wheeling across Her truly awesome Generation F milking-machine – which resembles a stainless-steel milk-churn on a trolley with a number of rubber tubes & pressure gauges attached. My erect penis was sucked into the glass ‘milking’ tube and She delighted in gradually adjusting both the suction intensity & rhythmic pulsing of the ‘milking’ effect to build-up pressure in my balls until I was desperate for release. Mistress finally decided that it was time for me to ejaculate and flipped the suction dial to maximum at the same moment as She administered a serious jolt of electro-stimulation to my prostate via the still-inserted butt-plug. OMG!! Suddenly I spunked so hard that I thought I might faint! Mistress let out a purr of approval and looking down I saw that the glass tube encasing my erect penis was filling with white fluid – my sperm!

When I finally caught my breath, Mistress had detached the glass tube from the vacuum tubes and was inspecting he contents. She seemed pleased with what I had produced as She decanted my thick gloopy fluid into a small glass measuring cup with markings on the side. “Oh dear!” She exclaimed…”It’s just a little short – so it’ll need to go back in”. She removed my ball gag and held the glass of spunk over my mouth. “Open wide!” She ordered and pinched my nose with Her free hand. I had no choice then to do as She ordered and opened my mouth so that She could pour my own disgusting liquid into my mouth. “Now swallow!” She urged cheerfully and I suffered the sensation of feeling my own thick slimy spunk slide down my throat. “Excellent!” Mistress Carly and turned to walk off, treating me to the sight of Her perfect bottom wiggling across the room (did I forget to mention that once She had strapped me to Her bondage table, She had slipped off Her beautiful gown and had conducted the rest of the session wearing nothing but Her spike-heeled stilettos and eye-mask?)

Mistress graciously offered me a shower and a coffee after the session had ended and I gratefully accepted (at least to remove the taste of my own sperm from my mouth!). Mistress was very friendly & approachable once out of the playroom and enquired as to which parts of the session I had enjoyed most – and what I might like to experience going forward. I must confess that I would love to spend more time worshipping Mistress Carly’s incredible body during my next visit as the thought of being ‘Queened’ by Her and ordered to pleasure Her exquisite sex with my tongue is a thought that I just can’t seem to get out of my head since I first met Her yesterday!

Fingering & Flogging!

I was privileged to session with the astoundingly beautiful Mistress Carly for the first time today, after admiring Her from afar and imagining how amazing it would be to submit to Her in person for some time…and I have to say the session was even more incredible than I could ever have imagined!

Not only is She even more stunning in real-life than in Her images (which are truly awesome to start with) but She exudes pure class & Dominance from every pore! Mistress Carly is undoubtedly highly skilled with some twenty years’ experience as a professional Dominatrix but (even though I have visited probably a dozen professional Dommes previously) I never found one who obviously enjoys wielding Her power over men as much as Mistress Carly does – which I found to be a real turn-on for me!

I pride Myself on being able to take a sound thrashing, with my pain threshold having been built-up over many years but what made today’s session so special was the fact that whilst I was strapped naked to Mistress Carly’s St Andrews cross to take a good thrashing from her wicked riding-crop (a punishment earned through not being able to bring Her to climax with my tongue quickly enough whilst secured in Her ‘Queening’ throne) I became aware from the reflection in the full-length wall-mirrors that She was stimulating Her clitoris with Her left hand as She rained blows onto my stinging buttocks with obvious enjoyment! To know that She was genuinely finding administering pain to me to be sexually arousing was such a buzz! Mistress increased the power and frequency of the stinging lashes across my flesh as She obviously neared Her own climax and (although I feared I might actually faint from the pain) I became aware that I was fully erect, despite the increasing agony I was experiencing!

When Mistress gasped and pushed two fingers deep into Herself, Her knees trembling slightly and Her hips jerking as She climaxed behind me, I’m ashamed to say I found it so overpoweringly erotic that I ejaculated heavily onto the floor behind Her cross. Mistress was not impressed and rained several more sharp blows across my bare arse as She told me how disgusting I was and berated me for daring to ejaculate without Her express permission. She finally stopped flogging me just when I thought my knees would give way due to the searing pain and came up close behind me, pushing Her wet fingers into my mouth, so that I could taste Her sweet juices as She whispered in my ear that I needed to clean-up my own revolting mess.

A minute later, I was indeed kneeling to lick-up my own cum from Her playroom floor as She stood menacingly over me to make sure I swallowed every last drop and I noted from Her reflection in the mirror that She was still gently rubbing Her clitoris as She watched me, obviously still enjoying the total power She was wielding over me. How incredibly wonderful it is to discover a true Dominant Goddess who genuinely finds using & abusing submissive men to be sexually arousing and isn’t simply going through the motions for financial reasons. I shall definitely return to serve & worship Mistress Carly again – if She will afford Me the opportunity to do so of course!

Slave G

Double-Dommed by Mistress Carly and my wife!

I have had submissive tendencies for as long as I can remember and whilst my wife enjoys adopting a Dominant role in the bedroom, we have always felt that we were just ‘scratching the surface’ with our games at home and wanted to take things to the next level. My wife felt that she would benefit from some expert guidance on how to Dominate me, so we contacted Mistress Carly to arrange a session in which my wife would watch and assist Her in dealing with me in Her ‘playroom’.

We are so glad that we did! Mistress Carly demonstrated Her skills in administering punishment to Me with Her selection of whips, crops, paddles & tawses, giving My wife the opportunity to do so herself and by practicing on me. Mistress Carly then demonstrated Her extensive selection of electro equipment, focussing on CBT before securing me in Her incredible ‘Queening’ throne where I was instructed on how to properly pleasure both Her and My wife orally, with sharp tugs being administered to a chain attached to nipple-clamps whenever I failed to satisfy either of their desires. I was then used by my wife as a sex-slave who mounted My erection whilst I continued to pleasure Mistress Carly as She ‘Queened’ me, whilst being told in no uncertain terms that I was not to ejaculate until my wife was totally satisfied.

Mistress Carly was not impressed when I was unable to control myself and ejaculated before My wife had finished pleasuring herself on my cock, so She swopped places with my wife in order that I could clean my own mess from my wife’s pussy as she ‘Queened’ me whilst Mistress Carly dug Her stiletto into my balls to punish me for cumming too soon. Mistress Carly then said that I needed to be taught how to fuck properly and donned a strap-on, suggesting that my wife also make her selection from the rail of strap-ons that were on-hand. Mistress Carly then secured me over Her steel bondage-bench and penetrated me with Her strap-on whilst my wife watched, before Mistress Carly suggested that my wife might also like to fuck me. The rest of the session was something of a blur as both Mistress Carly and my wife took turns at ‘pegging’ me – obviously enjoying themselves and relishing me being totally helpless (even ‘spit-roasting’ me occasionally!)

When our two-hour session was finally over we enjoyed a drink and a chat before leaving – which was welcome as I was on such a high that it took me a while to calm down! My wife & I agreed on the drive home that we’d both had an amazing time and learned so much from Mistress Carly’s expert guidance. We have already ordered some new ‘toys’ online and are looking forward to ‘playing’ at home as my wife says he feels so much more confident about what to do and how to Dominate me. I’m sure we will be returning to session with Mistress Carly again though, as we realise we still have lots to explore and Her facilities are so incredible. It was definitely the right decision to contact Mistress Carly!

Mistress Carly's 'Inner Sanctum'.

After serving Mistress Carly every few weeks for around nine months, She hinted one day that next time I served Her, She might take Me to Her ‘Inner Sanctum’ to use Me as Her sex-slave!  I was so excited and couldn’t wait for My next session to come around.  Mistress Carly’s mirrored playroom is incredible enough and I never dreamed there was yet another chamber that I had not seen yet.

Half-way through our next session, Mistress fitted a black hood over my head, then a collar & lead and ordered Me to follow Her.  We left the playroom and she led Me up a flight of stairs to a black door (watching Her exquisite bottom wiggle in front of me as I followed Her was simply Heaven!). Mistress led Me into an intimate, sumptuously appointed chamber where a low, king-sized bed topped with latex sheets lay underneath a mirrored ceiling, surrounded by full-length red velvet drapes.  The lighting was low but I could clearly make out my own naked body as I was secured spreadeagled on the latex bed with My wrists & ankles cuffed to sturdy chains at each corner.  I was so excited, I could hardly breathe – especially as Mistress then proceeded to strip naked apart from her stilettos!  As She did so, she told me that She intended to use me as Her own personal sex-toy and that I would not be released until I had totally satisfied Her desires in every way – adding that She intended using my already throbbing erection as nothing more than a Human-Dildo.

Mistress then squatted over my face and instructed Me to pleasure Her with my tongue – She tasted divine and I could tell from Her copious juices that She was extremely aroused.  Mistress Carly soon climaxed on my face but continued to gyrate Her exquisite sex as my tongue probed the sweet succulent folds of Her sex and it wasn’t long before She came off on my face again.

Mistress then fitted a powered vacuum-pump to My cock and proceeded to pump it up to an even bigger size – it was almost painful and I thought my cock might explode!  Next Mistress fitted a pair of clamps attached to a chain to my nipples, followed by a silicone cock-ring to the base of My shaft to retain its’ engorged state and rolled a black condom onto my tumescent organ (I barely noticed the pain of the nipple-clamps in my excitement).  Mistress then positioned Herself directly above My stalk in a squatting position and (steadying Herself on a beam overhead, She lowered Herself down the full length of my rod.  Mistress warned Me as She mounted Me, that if I came before She had satisfied Herself She would not be pleased and that I would be severely punished!) and that I should advise Her if I was close to ejaculating.

Mistress Carly pleasured Herself on My cock for around ten minutes, riding up & down with obvious pleasure before I witnessed the truly memorable sight of Her body jerking & shuddering as She orgasmed with my penis deep inside Her.  On several occasions I came close to cumming and voiced my concerns to Mistress, who immediately tugged on the chain attached to my nipple-clamps – the resulting jolt of pain instantly focussing my mind away from my cock and preventing me from cumming.

Mistress Carly used Me in a similar manner again shortly after Her first orgasm and I soon had the pleasure of watching Her climax on my black latex-clad cock for a second time.  She slid off my cock and deftly pulled off the condom.   “Very good” She breathed as she wanked my cock with her latex-gloved hand “Now you have My permission to cum“.  It took only a few strokes of Mistress’s hand before I erupted, thick spunk squirting from my cock and dribbling all over Mistress’s latex-covered hand.  “Goodness!” Mistress Carly exclaimed “you have made a mess!”  She smeared my sperm across Her magnificent breasts and leaned over me to dangle Her sticky globes in my face so that I could lick them clean.  Once completed, she pushed Her sticky fingers into my mouth for me to lick my own sperm off Her latex-gloved hand before finally releasing me from the chains and ordering me to return to Her playroom and await Her there.

Driving home I was on such a high – having been used as nothing more than a sex-toy by Mistress Carly in Her ‘Inner Sanctum’ was like a dream cum true.  Mistress seemed satisfied (in every way) whilst using my erection as a human-dildo, so I really hope She will decide to take me into Her ‘Inner Sanctum’ again as part of a future session.

Slave William

Cock-Sucking Glory-Hole Slut.

I have fantasied about an enforced-bi scenario in which a Dominatrix orders me to suck cock but I wasn’t sure whether I would actually be able to go through with it in real life.  Not long after I first visited Mistress Carly I confessed this to her and She said that if I really wanted to do it She would arrange it for my next session.

I was very nervous arriving for my subsequent appointment as Mistress had advised me that I would be realising my long-held fantasy under Her supervision.  After ordering me to kneel and suck Her strap-on (‘to perfect my cock-sucking technique’) Mistress fitted a collar to me and led me to a cubicle adjacent to Her playroom where I was placed inside (kneeling) so that Mistress could secure My collar to a chain attached to the wall, opposite a hole in the wall level with my mouth. Mistress told me that she had arranged for an anonymous man to arrive shortly and that I was to suck him off to full completion – swallowing everything that he deposited in my mouth.  Mistress added that I should only do so after the man had pushed a ten-pound note through the hole and that I was to pass it to Her after the man had left.

Mistress closed the door and left, leaving me literally trembling in the half-light but wasn’t long before I heard someone approaching and a crumpled ten pound note was pushed through the hole. I took it and a moment later an erect penis was pushed through the hole almost hitting me in the face.  I tentatively took it in my mouth and began to suck it, remembering the techniques Mistress had taught me with Her strap-on earlier.  It felt so dirty but I was aware of my own throbbing erection, so I took the stranger’s cock as deeply in my mouth as I could.  Suddenly a heard a groan from outside and before I could react my mouth was suddenly flooded with thick pungent hot liquid!  I almost gagged but did as Mistress had told me and swallowed the filthy fluid…although no sooner had I done so than my mouth was again filled with yet more disgustingly slimy juice.  I swallowed that too and was relieved that the worst seemed to be over – although I kept sucking just in case there was more to cum.  A few moments later the stranger’s cock was yanked out of my mouth and disappeared through the hole followed by the sound of a zip and diminishing footsteps as the anonymous man who’s sperm I had just swallowed left – obviously satisfied.

I sat in the dark with the taste of another man’s cum in my mouth until Mistress returned a few minutes later to release me and lead me back to Her playroom.  Mistress asked for the ten-pounds and as I handed the note over to Her She said She would buy Herself a new lipstick with it.  She told me to recount My experience in detail and said that next time She might arrange for several men to attend for me to service them in Her Glory-Hole cubicle.  I drove home in a daze after the session feeling so dirty but also excited and honoured to think that I had earned my Mistress some money with my mouth. 

Slave Geoffrey T

Locked in chastity for Mistress Carly.

I decided to treat myself to a session with Mistress Carly for my birthday (best gift ever) but that was 12 years ago!  Over that time Mistress has introduced me to all of Her favourite activities.

A wicked glint in those beautiful eyes and a smile has made me do far more than I could ever have imagined.  From sucking cocks until they cum in my mouth, or just fishing a used condom out of the bin to swallow the contents to being locked in chastity or tasting my own arse with ATM.

Mistress is an expert using a strap on, having fantastic fitness She can fuck for far longer than I can take, even when I beg for Her to, Mistress doesn’t stop until She is satisfied.

Due to being of inadequate size, plus being far to excitable, I now find myself in chastity, which is a daily reminder of who I serve – and I couldn’t be happier.

Treat yourself to the absolute very best – my only regret is not doing it sooner!

Slave RC

Seven years a slave.

Seven years ago, I was fortunate enough to be allowed to become a slave to the Goddess known to us mere mortals as Mistress Carly and from that day my life changed forever!

I now know what it is to be truly owned by an expert Dominatrix.  Mistress Carly is so skilled in all aspects of female superiority.  She can be harsh and very demanding but when She rewards you (if she deems you deserving) it is total ecstasy.

To be Her plaything, to be used & abused in any way that She chooses for Her amusement is a true honour that few lucky males ever experience.  If you are lucky to be allowed to enter Her erotic world be very, very grateful!

Slave J B

At last – I’ve found my forever Domme!

Over the past twenty-odd years I have visited probably a dozen pro-Dommes in the UK and abroad but finally I have found my ‘forever Domme’ in Mistress Carly!

Many Mistresses session from commercial hire premises which are utilised by numerous Dommes who simply book the space and book-in sessions back-to-back in a sort of conveyor-belt style – which is OK I guess, if a little sterile.

Mistress Carly has set-up Her own custom built and equipped playroom at Her country home, so she has curated every piece of equipment especially to Her own taste – and I have to say the ambience is superb!

Spacious enough to accommodate a wide range of equipment without being cluttered, Mistress Carly’s playroom is cosy enough to provide an intimate atmosphere – and the full-length mirrors all along one wall give a great view of what is happening at Her hands!

There is little in the way of equipment that Mistress Carly does not have at Her disposal and She is undoubtedly an expert in all the areas of BDSM that She practices, having honed Her skills over many years of practice.

Her manner is aloof and Domineering but She rarely raises Her voice.  Her personality exudes authority and there is no doubt whatsoever that She is in complete control – I felt totally owned by Her…and I loved it!

During our first two-hour session, Mistress Carly took obvious delight in assessing just how much pain I would endure for the promise of being permitted to pleasure Her, so I was eager to please Her and went even beyond my own limits in an effort to do so.

And my reward made it all worthwhile! Being allowed to kneel & rim Mistress Carly’s utterly delicious little rosebud as She bent over in front of Me and spread her perfect arse-cheeks wide to accept my attention was divine (I can still taste Her now!)

Mistress Carly tuned-in to my fantasies better than any Domme I have sessioned with previously and I am counting the days until I can arrange to visit and serve Her again!

Slave Paul

Used As A Sex-Slave.

For Me, being Dominated by a Woman is a sexual thing – it’s not just about receiving punishment, it’s the feeling of being totally used by a powerful, attractive woman as nothing more than a sex-toy that turns me on.

Most Mistresses of course, do not permit any intimate contact, so I was overjoyed when I discovered Mistress Carly and learned that She enjoys using men as exactly that – sex-toys!

Of course, it goes without saying that Mistress Carly is stunningly beautiful with an incredible body and She is well aware that men desire Her sexually – dressing provocatively to accentuate the sexual frisson even further.

I am ashamed to say that I spontaneously ejaculated whilst Mistress Carly ‘Queened’ Me – My head locked securely in Her ‘Queening’ throne (which is equipped with a mechanism that wound My head up into the perfect position to pleasure Her with my tongue).

Mistress was not overly surprised and remarked that it often happens – although She did seem to be impressed with the amount of sperm that erupted from my cock.

Once I had pleasured Mistress to Her satisfaction (She climaxed on my face twice whilst I was being ‘Queened’) I was instructed to lick-up my own mess from the floor.

Mistress then secured Me to Her St Andrews Cross and administered a sound thrashing with Her crop for daring to ejaculate without Her permission – although searingly painful, this only served to arouse Me even more!

Examining my still throbbing & rock-hard cock, Mistress Carly remarked that She would look forward to using me as a human-dildo in Her ‘Inner Sanctum’ but that I would first have to prove I was worthy of such an honour by suffering all manner of punishments.

Mistress then spent the remaining hour of our session inflicting all manner of deliciously excruciating treatments to my genitals with Her extensive electrics kit, obviously delighting in witnessing me squirm with pain at Her expert hands.

The session concluded all too quickly but I simply cannot wait to return and suffer at Mistress Carly’s hands. I’m willing to endure any amount of pain just for the opportunity to please Her and be permitted to pleasure Her – what a privelige.

Slave T T

Mistress ‘Milked’ my balls dry!

I was initially a little reluctant to make the effort to travel out of town, where I normally arrange to session every few months with a London-based Dominatrix but I am so glad that I did to see Mistress Carly!

The journey was much simpler than I had imagined.  Just fifty minutes after boarding a high-seed train at St Pancras station I was standing at Mistress Carly’s door – with my jaw about to hit the floor as She opened it!

Mistress Carly’s pictures are superb but I can honestly say that She is even more stunningly beautiful in the flesh – what a body! (She was wearing a full-length sheer black transparent gown, spike-heeled Louboutins and a diamante mask – and very little else!)

Mistress had instructed Me to abstain from ejaculation for at least three days prior to my attendance and I had managed a full week – and I soon understood why, having expressed an interest in being subjected to Her ‘milking’ machine.

Mistress Carly has invested several thousand pounds in a Generation F ‘milking’ machine which truly is the Rolls-Royce of such apparatus allowing Her to apply a range of powerful pulsating suction, along with electro-stimulation as She sees fit.

By the time I left I could barely walk as Mistress Carly had literally ‘milked’ my balls dry.  She expertly ‘edged’ me to the point of ejaculation numerous times without release over the course of almost an hour, leaving me literally begging to be permitted to quirt!

When She finally cranked Her machine up to maximum power and applied a jolt of electricity to the electro-butt-plug to stimulate my prostate at the precise point of ejaculation, I came so powerfully that I almost fainted!

To see the huge amount of thick white fluid in the glass collection tube that Mistress had just extracted from my balls was truly amazing – but not quite as amazing as what happened next!

After detaching the collection tube from my aching penis, Mistress emptied the contents all over Her magnificent bare 36”DD breasts – and ordered Me to lick them clean!

The revulsion of being made to lick & swallow my own disgusting fluid was overpowered by the privilege of being permitted to have Mistress’s perfect breasts in my face, so I persevered until they were spotlessly clean.

Mistress Carly has intimated that next time if I produce an even bigger load of ‘cream,’ when She ‘milks’ me – I may be allowed to worship Her perfect sex. OMG!

Slave Simon

A Strap-On virgin no more!

Having had a couple of previous Domme experiences (which left me feeling totally flat as the ladies in question seemed to simply be going through the motions with little real interest or feeling) I decided to request an appointment with Mistress Carly.

I’ve always harboured a fantasy of being ‘pegged’ by a beautiful Dominant woman but had chickened-out at the last moment when it had come to it during my previous sessions with other ‘Dommes’.

I am proud to say that Mistress Carly took my anal virginity today – and I loved the feeling of being secured over Her steel bondage bench as She penetrated Me, seeing the obvious enjoyment on Her face in the wall-mirror as She fucked me!

Mistress was expert at allaying My fears and expertly prepared Me to take Her ‘cock’ with the use of lubed probing with Her latex-gloved fingers and dildos whilst I was secured on Her steel bondage table with my legs splayed wide in stirrups.

Once Mistress decided that I was ready to be ‘fucked’ I was ordered to kneel and watch Her select a suitable strap-on from the many displayed on a wall-rack (I was pleased to note that She did not choose the largest!)

Once She had strapped it into place on Her groin using a leather harness I was ordered to worship & suck it whilst Mistress told Me She was going to fuck me like a dirty slut.

I was literally shaking with fear & excitement as Mistress strapped Me across Her steel bondage-bench and positioned Herself behind me between my spread thighs.

I felt her latex-gloved hands spread my buttocks, then the tip of her ‘cock’ was nudging against my tight puckered hole.  OMG! This was it! I was about to be fucked by My Mistress!

In panic, I opened my mouth to say the safe-word to stop but before I could utter it Mistress had slid inside me – it literally took my breath away, the wonderful feeling of being penetrated for the first time by a beautiful Dominant woman!

Mistress Carly spent the next twenty minutes or so expertly fucking Me.  Slowly at first but gradually building-up in speed & intensity until She was fucking Me the way a man would normally screw a woman from behind.

I was in heaven! Mistress had attached nipple-clamps on a chain to my nipples and yanked them occasionally to administer a jolt of pain if She thought I was enjoying things too much!

Finally, Mistress reached around and wanked my cock as She thrust Herself into me, telling me I had permission to ejaculate. The touch of Her gloved hand on my throbbing cock had me spunking heavily in seconds.

I drove home after the session in something of a dream-like state – my arse still throbbing from the pounding Mistress had given it (but I loved the sensation as it reminded me of how good it had felt to have Mistress’s ‘cock’ inside me).

My mind is a whirlwind of all the different thigs I want to try in future sessions with Mistress Carly and I’m so glad that it was She who finally managed to take my anal virginity.

Slave Alan

Sissy-slut fantasy realised at last.

Having been fortunate enough to serve Mistress Carly one before, She told me that next time I visited She would dress me up as a sissy-slut with wig, make-up, slutty outfit & false silicon breasts and order me to suck-off another slave in front of her.

This had been a long-term fantasy of mine but I was unsure as to whether it would be as horny in realisation as it would if simply kept as a fantasy in my head but I wanted to go ahead and do it.

So, I spent an hour being ‘sissified’ by Mistress Carly yesterday until I did indeed look like a complete slut with red lipstick & heavy eye make-up, large false breasts strapped to my chest, a false silicon ‘cunt’ between my legs & wearing stockings & stilettos.

The doorbell rang and Mistress Carly admitted someone to Her lobby (no doubt the bi-slave I had asked Her to summon for the second hour of our session) who was then led-in by mistress naked other than for a hood.

What happened next is something of a blur but I recall being ordered to suck the other hooded slave’s stiff cock in front of Mistress Carly whilst She looked-on approvingly and issued instructions (She appeared to be genuinely enjoying the scenario).

Mistress Carly guided Me sensitively but firmly through my first sissy-slut experience and when the time came, She hel my head in place as her slave ejaculated heavily into my mouth, ordering me to “Swallow it, bitch!”

I’ve fantasised countless times about realising my fantasy of being a cock-sucking sissy-slut for a Mistress but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it would be so exciting.

I can’t believe that I finally went through with it but I’m so glad I did and I can’t think of a better Domme to have experienced this milestone with then Mistress Carly – I think I’m hooked on Her!

Slave R F

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