About Mistress Carly

I am Mistress Carly – a supremely confident, sexually assertive, intelligent (I have an honours degree in Fine Art), highly experienced Dominatrix who views men as nothing more than sexual playthings and who therefore enjoys using slaves for My own sexual pleasure and amusement.

As a genuine ex Porn-Star, I relish the power that My body & sexuality affords Me over men, who I know desire Me and lust after Me.  I enjoy cruelly using that power, twisting their sexual desire for Me to force men to do whatever I wish – often humiliating and inflicting pain to see how far I can push them – and all for the merest chance of being allowed to worship at the temple of My sex!

Being naturally Dominant, I enjoy meeting with gentlemen who wish to experience true sensual, sexual Domination at the expert hands of an experienced, beautiful Goddess.  Unlike many Mistresses, I believe that sexual acts can be an integral part of a Fem-Dom/Sub-Male relationship and I reserve the right to make full use of any part of My slaves’ bodies (including their tongue & erect penis) for My own pleasure and gratification. As I like to adorn My firm, lithe body in all manner of revealing, erotic attire it is not unusual for My slaves to be fully erect whilst they are worshipping & serving Me, So, as a sexually demanding woman, if I choose to make use of a slave’s throbbing erection and give Myself pleasure by mounting and riding it, then of course I am perfectly at liberty to do so. After all, it is I who is in total control and My slaves exist purely to serve and satisfy Me – in any way I may desire!

I particularly enjoy activities that bring Me pleasure such as ‘Queening’ (face-sitting) and value servants with an energetic & skilled tongue to pleasure Me to orgasm. I also enjoy `Milking` My slaves and have various apparatus (including a Venus 2000 male–milking machine especially imported from the USA) that I enjoy putting to good use in order to do so. I appreciate slaves who are able to provide copious amounts of `cream` for Me and I expect My slaves to abstain from ejaculation for several days prior to an audience with Me, so that I will be assured of a pleasingly large ‘donation’ when I finally allow them to ejaculate at My command!

If you would like to experience the honour of serving beneath Mistress Carly then you may apply to do so at My luxurious private abode set in the Kent countryside where I have My own spacious, superbly-equipped mirrored chamber with adjoining totally secluded outdoor play-area. As a true lifestyle Mistress, My whole home is available for Me to entertain slaves and sessions are not therefore confined to My ‘playroom’ only.  You will find further details of My extensive facilities on the appropriate tab above.

I work-out five days a week to keep my athletic body in perfect gym-fit shape and I have an extensive wardrobe of skin-tight leather, PVC & latex fetish-wear in which I like to adorn and display My powerful 36DD-25-36″ body – especially My large firm breasts.  I also maintain a large collection of spike-heeled stilettos & thigh-boots to accentuate my long, lithe legs (I stand 6ft tall in My heels!)  Whilst I have a particular penchant for power-dressing as a Domineering Female Boss in tight-fitting business suit over black Agent Provocateur underwear with seamed stockings, suspenders & stilettos, I also have a huge selection of latex, leather & PVC fetish-wear, plus uniforms to cater for all tastes & occasions.

I am happy to consider both novice and experienced trainees and will look forward to receiving your humble application to worship at the temple of My sex. Do be aware however, that once in My domain, you will exist solely for, and your goal will be, My own personal pleasure and satisfaction over and above your own needs & desires!  your reward will be the pleasure of immersing yourself totally in the experience of being the servant and sexual plaything to a true lifestyle Goddess, so do not seek to dictate what you expect from a session, as such matters are unlikely to be of any interest to Me whatsoever.

I invite you to cum enter My world and surrender yourself totally into the servitude of Mistress Carly!

Ready to Play?