Cuckolding / Enforced Bi With Mistress Carly

I particularly enjoy enforced-bi and/or cuckold scenarios during Fem-Dom or role-play sessions in My playroom. I can arrange for another hooded slave to be in attendance for part of a session in order that you may be ordered to perform oral sex on him under My supervision until he ejaculates in your mouth (when of course you will be instructed to swallow everything he squirts into your mouth!). If it pleases Me to do so, I may well also instruct him to perform oral sex on you until you cum in his mouth when he will of course swallow your sperm.

Enforced Bi & Cuckolding Scenarios

Such scenarios lend themselves well to My ‘Glory-Hole’ where you will not even see My slave – he will simply insert his erect penis through the hole in the dirty tiled wall where I will order you to kneel and suck his penis to full completion in your mouth – or I may decide to finish him off manually with My latex gloved hand so that he sprays his thick ball-juice all over your upturned face and open mouth.

By prior agreement, I can even strap you securely to my steel bondage-bench with your arse up in the air and put My strap-on to good use on your tight puckered hole whilst you suck My slave’s stiff tool – perhaps we may then swop ends and he penetrates your arse with his cock whilst I fill your mouth with My big rubber strap-on! Or maybe you would enjoy Me strapping My slave into position on My bondage-bench so that we can ‘spit-roast’ him, taking turns at both ends?

I keep a selection of attire for dressing up sissy-sluts including false silicon breasts, false silicon vagina pants, wigs & masks/hoods to turn slaves into dirty sluts – perfectly suited to arranging for My VWE male slave to use them as a total whore in front of Me!

Want To Be Cuckolded By My Black Stallion?

If you would enjoy being cuckolded I can arrange for a VVWE Dominant black stallion to join us so that we can both Dominate you, humiliating you by ridiculing your pathetic little cock and even ordering you to suck his enormous black erection to get it nice & hard ready for Me to enjoy fucking in front of you. you will then be made to watch Me enjoying his huge bare ebony bone as My own personal dildo right in front of you (at VERY close quarters) perhaps even being made to lick & suck his heavy black balls and/or My clit as he pistons his cock into Me and being made to suck My juices from his shaft when he occasionally pulls it out of My squelching fuck-hole and shoves it into your mouth?

Ready to Play?