Sessions & Tributes…

Initial Appointments: I prefer new slaves to report to Me for an initial appointment of at least two hours, during which I will assess your suitability to serve Me on an ongoing basis.  Prior to your appointment I will send you a detailed slave application form which you should complete and return to Me in advance of your appointment date to give Me some idea of your likes/dislikes, limits & experiences.  I tailor each session carefully and whilst it is always I who decides what will be included in a session, I obviously take into account which aspects of BDSM will work best with each individual slave.  I enjoy pushing a slave’s limits but always within any pre-agreed boundaries – I am a highly skilled & experienced professional Dominatrix, so you may rest assured that you will aways be in safe hands with Me.

If I am pleased with your levels of obedience & devotion then I will advise you at the end of your initial appointment whether or not I would be willing to grant you further sessions.  If I indicate that you will be permitted the honour of serving Me again, then you may contact Me to arrange further appointments at My discretion.

What To Expect On The Day:  Upon arrival (and prior to leaving) you will be offered the opportunity to shower in my luxurious bathroom – quality men’s toiletries and fresh towels/robes are always available.  you will find Me to be friendly & approachable (except when we are in My playroom, as I will then be in strict ‘Dominatrix’ mode!).  you will have the opportunity to propose any special requests for My consideration during a pre-session chat and you may include within the envelope containing your tribute a brief written note outlining any special request if you so wish.  your tribute should be offered in an envelope upon your arrival so that I may read your note whilst you are showering & preparing.  If you wish to receive the attention of My strap-on for ‘pegging’ activities then I shall expect you to ensure that you are ‘clean’.  A ‘safe’ word will be agreed upon which will effectively stop whatever activity is taking place at the time in case you need to take a short break, visit the toilet or something is just not working for you.

You will address Me as ‘Mistress’ and of course be respectful at all times – you may kiss My hand on arriving & leaving.

Once ready, you will be summoned into My reception room where you will strip naked in front of Me and kneel so that I may fit you with a slave collar.  you will then be led into My superb, fully-equipped, mirrored chamber where you will become nothing more than My personal plaything – to be used & abused in any way that may amuse Me! 

After The Session:  Following the session you will have the opportunity to shower if you wish and you will be offered a hot or cold drink to ‘wind-down’ before you return to the ‘real’ world.  Now outside of My playroom, you will find me once again to be friendly & approachable and you may tell Me how you found the session – especially any aspects that you found particularly arousing or (more importantly) did not work for you.  The vast majority of My slaves are long-term regulars as of course sessions only tend to get better as I get to know you more with each visit – there are myriad aspects to Fem-Dom and no two slaves are the same, so I will endeavour to take you on a journey that will be exciting, arousing & fulfilling – for both of us!

Should you wish to e-mail Me afterwards with your thoughts on the session (and any ideas for your next attendance) then you may do so and should you wish to send a short Testimonial that may be of interest to other potential slaves, I may decide to include it on My website – in which case you may receive a small reward as a taken of My appreciation.

My required rates are as follows:

One Hour £300
Ninety Minutes £350
Two Hours £400
Three Hours £500

The rates listed above are of course the minimum tributes I would expect and you are welcome to show your appreciation by making a higher tribute of whatever amount you deem appropriate – as many slaves do!

Ready to Play?