Sessions & Tributes…

Initial Appointments: New slaves must report to Me for an initial appointment of at least ninety minutes (although two hours is preferable) during which I will interview you and assess your suitability to serve Me . Upon your arrival we will discuss in detail your experiences to date (if any), your preferences & dislikes along with any special requests that you may wish Me to take into consideration – plus any limits to be adhered to will be agreed upon at this stage. you will then be instructed to strip naked ready to undergo an intimate inspection before you will be collared and led into My playroom to properly commence your servitude to Me.

If I am pleased with your levels of obedience & devotion then I will advise you at the end of your initial appointment whether or not I would be willing to grant you further audiences with Me.  If I indicate that you will be permitted the honour of serving Me again then you may contact Me to arrange further appointments at My discretion.

My required tributes are as follows:

One Hour £300
Ninety Minutes £350
Two Hours £400
Three Hours £500

The rates listed above are of course the minimum tributes I would expect and you are welcome to show your appreciation by making a higher tribute of whatever amount you deem appropriate – as many slaves do!

For those of you not into full-on BDSM but who would enjoy the prospect of being bossed around and used as a sexual plaything by a confident, demanding & sexually assertive woman, you may care to visit My alternative Execu-Domme site:

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