Frequently Asked Questions…

A complete list of Frequently Asked Questions, please read before completing my appointment request form:

How do I request an appointment?
You should first e-mail Me to check My availability for your preferred date/time and once I have responded to confirm My availability you may then complete and submit My Appointment Request form for My consideration. I will then telephone you at My convenience to conduct a brief interview to ascertain whether you are suitable to be granted an appointment to serve Me (you may suggest a convenient time-slot for Me to call).  If I should decide that you are indeed deserving of an audience with Me, I shall issue a summons for you to attend and will e-mail you with My further instructions along with full directions to My location.

When are You available?
As I am a lifestyle Mistress with My own in-house facilities, I can be available whenever I may choose to be. However, generally I offer appointments between 11am & 9pm most days at My discretion (although Sunday appointments are only occasionally available). You should e-mail Me to check My availability for your preferred date prior to submitting an appointment request.

Do You see single females or couples?
Yes, I am happy to offer appointments to single females and couples – subject to approving a photograph of the female and (in the case of couples) speaking to both parties on the ‘phone in order to be able to confirm the appointment.

Will I be used for sex/What if I don’t want to be used for sex?
Whilst I often enjoy using My slaves bodies (including their erection) for My own pleasure it should be noted that you should not expect this to take place, as it is entirely at My discretion as to whether I choose to do so during a session or not. Equally, if you would prefer that your penis is not used in this manner, then you may specifically request this prior to the commencement of the session and of course I will always respect any pre-set limits. In short, if you would like to serve Me but for personal reasons (ie: you are married or in a relationship) you would not wish to be used for full sex, then this is perfectly acceptable.

Will I be able to shower before/after our session?
Yes, I have a walk-in shower with fresh towels and quality gents toiletries always available.

What outfits do you have?
My fetish wardrobe is extensive and includes a huge selection of skin-tight latex wear, shiny PVC, leather, corsets, power-dressing business suits, classy lingerie such as Agent Provocateur, uniforms and of course seamed stockings teamed with spike-heeled stilettos & thigh-boots. I often enjoy dressing in extremely minimalist attire (or even totally naked other than for stilettos) to show off My firm 36DD-25-36″ body as I find this generally ensures that My slaves are erect and ready for Me to ‘use’ for My own personal pleasure if the fancy takes Me to do so.

I have a particular fetish/fantasy that is not mentioned in Your Role-Play section
You are welcome to e-mail Me with brief details of your particular fetish/fantasy and I will then advise you if it would be of interest to Me or not. However, you should note that whilst I am happy to incorporate many differing fetishes or scenarios into a Fem-Dom session, I do not undertake to simply act-out detailed scripts or specific lists of ‘activities’ as I am a genuine Dominatrix – not an amateur ‘hooker-with-a-whip’ or a ‘hooker-dom’!

Do You practice safe-sex?
Yes. Any penetration would of course be with the use of a condom and for your peace of mind I maintain a regular health certification for all STIs.

Do You accept payment by credit card?
I will accept payment in cash (GBP) upon your arrival, which should be handed to Me in an envelope. I am also able to accept payment by Mastercard/VISA by prior arrangement, as long as you have photo’ ID in the same name as the card (ie: a photocard driving licence). Card payments will appear discreetly on your statement as simply “account charge”. Advance payment by on-line bank transfer or PayPal is also possible.

Do you offer outcall appointments? 
No, I do not offer outcall appointments.

Can I travel to see you by train?
Yes, I am situated ten minutes drive from my local station (Ashford International in Kent) which is on the high-speed line from St Pancras station in London (journey time @37 minutes). Taxis can usually be found in the rank outside the station entrance. The drive to My location is around ten minutes with the fare generally being around £10 each-way.

Can I discuss my requirements in detail with you on the ‘phone?
No, I do not discuss any details of what ‘activities’ may take place during a session on the telephone. All the details you need to know are clearly set-out here on My website but if you have any specific requests or queries that are not covered here then you may e-mail Me with details for My due consideration.

Can I contact You via Social Media?
BEWARE OF FAKE SOCIAL MEDIA PROFILES! I do not message or ‘chat’ with people on social media (I simply don’t have the time) so if you are messaging or ‘chatting’ with Me on ‘X’ (Twitter) or Instagram etc. then I’m afraid you are being scammed!

I only conduct correspondence via My website or direct e-mail address (which can be found on My websites) so don’t be fooled by any fake profiles (which seem to spring-up with alarming regularity) run by scammers – they have nothing to do with Me!

Can you send me your number so that I can call you to arrange a booking?
No, I do not divulge My number to anyone I haven’t already met. To arrange an appointment, complete My request form with all the relevant details and I will telephone you to confirm.

It’s difficult for me to answer my ‘phone/I do not answer calls from Withheld numbers so can you text or e-mail me to confirm an appointment?
No, if it is not possible for Me to call and speak to you in person then it will not be possible to arrange an appointment.

Can I book provisionally & confirm it later/on the day?
No, I only accept 100% definite confirmed bookings. Any ‘no shows’ will not be permitted to make any further appointments – no exceptions!

Do you have discreet access and parking facilities?
Yes, I am situated in a discreet location with private off-road parking right outside my door.

Do you have any age limits?
Whilst I do not generally offer appointments to people aged under thirty years, I have no upper age limit.

Are your rates negotiable?  
Absolutely! You are welcome to increase My listed tributes to whatever you deem suitable!

Do you offer same-day appointments? 
Advance booking is highly recommended but occasionally My schedule may permit same-day appointments to be available. you should of course e-mail Me prior to submitting an appointment request to ascertain My availability – especially when seeking an audience at short-notice.

I’m not into ‘heavy’ S&M or pain but enjoy the sensual side of a Dominant woman being in control sexually, would you be willing to accept me?  
If you are not into ‘heavy’ S&M and enjoy the more sensual style of sexual Domination (at which I excel!) you may request a ‘Tie & Tease’ session which can take place in either my playroom or My boudoir. You should note ‘Tie & Tease’ on your Appointment Request form and state whether you would prefer to be ‘Tied & Teased’ in My playroom or boudoir.

Can you arrange for a female slave and/or another Mistress (or Master) to be in attendance during a session?  
I can arrange for another (male) slave or Master to be in attendance for all or part of a session for which there is an additional charge of £100 per hour. Both the Master and the slave are bi, so if in attendance, enforced-bi activities may be included – up to and including oral and/or anal interaction under My supervision. Further details of such sessions may be found on my ‘Activities & Role-Plays’ page.

Can I apply for a position as your maid?  
I am happy to accept slaves for sessions including domestic/gardening or maid’s duties and I will provide appropriate attire for you to wear whilst carrying out your duties (unless it pleases Me for you to be nude of course). My normal session rates will apply for all such appointments, although I may at My discretion extend your time as a reward if I so choose.

Can you arrange a cuckold session for me? 
Yes, I can arrange for another slave to be on-hand for all or part of a session during which I will make full use of his large erection (bareback) in front of you. I will instruct him to ejaculate inside Me, after which you may be ordered to perform full clean-up duties on either just Myself or both of us. Cuckold sessions can be tailored to include small penis humiliation and/or enforced oral-bi activities if desired.

Do you enjoy CFNM sessions? 
Yes, I particularly enjoy CFNM (Clothed Female/Nude Male) scenarios during which you will be order to strip absolutely naked immediately upon your arrival and your clothes will be taken from you and locked away by Me until I permit you to leave. I will remain fully clothed in figure-hugging attire and you will be ordered to attend me in whatever way I may desire, such as carrying out household chores or other duties whilst I subject you to verbal humiliation about the derisory size of your (undoubtedly erect) penis. My secluded garden means that in the summer months such scenarios can take place outside and I can also arrange for one of my very sexy girlfriends to attend so that you can suffer the humiliation of being abused by two sexy Domineering females who will delight in ridiculing and embarrassing you.

If it pleases Me/us to do so, I/we may decide to tease you with My/our body(s) and order you to masturbate yourself to full completion in front of Me/us whilst watching you bring yourself to the point of ejaculation – and beyond! If you wish for Me to arrange for one of My sexy lady-friends to be in attendance for a CFNM scenario, then there will be an additional charge of£100 per hour for this privilege.

Do You offer extended sessions?
I generally prefer appointments of between one and three hours, although I will sometimes consider extended sessions of four, five or even (on occasion) six hours – usually with people I have sessioned with previously.  Extended sessions will likely not take place solely in My playroom but will include time spent serving Me in my luxurious home – perhaps serving Me refreshments, carrying-out domestic duties, bathing Me or simply being secured naked whilst I take a relaxing break from our ‘activities’.  My totally secluded outdoor play-space is also often utilised at all times of year (why should I are if it is cold/raining and you are naked – I have My umbrella and fur coat to keep Me warm/dry!)  If you wish to request an extended session of four hours or more then you should e-mail Me to ascertain if I would be willing to permit you such a privilege and I may require you to pay a 20% deposit in order to be granted an extended appointment.

Do I need to Prepare for a session in advance?
I generally insist that My slaves abstain from ejaculation for a period of at least seventy-two hours (preferably longer) immediately prior to attending a session, to ensure that their balls are fully-charged in readiness for Me to ‘milk’ them during our session, should it please Me to do so.  Abstinence for a full week is not uncommon and is a sign that you wish to impress Me when (or indeed if) I decide to ‘de-spunk’ you as part of the proceedings.

If you would like to request strap-on (‘pegging’) activities to form part of the session, I will expect you to ensure that you are suitably clean & hygienic, in readiness to receive My ‘cock’.  To this end, I will supply you with a disposable douche, in order that you may prepare yourself in My bathroom upon your arrival, prior to the commencement of the session.

Do I need to pay a deposit to secure an appointment?
If you have not seen Me previously, if you are requesting an extended appointment or a session that includes the attendance of My bi-slave/cuckold then I may require you to make payment of a 20% deposit on-line in order to secure the appointment.  If this is the case, I will furnish you with full details of how to make payment via PayPal or credit/debit card.

May I bring you a gift?
Gifts are always welcome but are not expected. Quality stockings or perfume are My favourites (e-mail Me in advance of your attendance for My current favourite perfumes). Chocolates, alcohol or flowers are not to My taste. Jewellery is always a nice surprise, or should you wish to bring me an item of clothing (perhaps something you would like to see Me wear during our session) then I take a dress size 10/12 and a shoe size UK 8. My bra size is 36″DD.

I will not accept cancellations for any reason within forty-eight hours of your confirmed appointment time/date.  If you do cancel at short notice or simply fail to keep an appointment, then regrettably no further appointments will be offered at any future date unless you make payment of 50% of the session fee by bank transfer.  At My discretion, I may consider postponements of confirmed appointments if enough advance notice is given.

I guarantee complete discretion at all times and will expect the same from you in return.  I do not keep detailed records of any of My slaves and (unless you have requested an enforced-bi/cuckold scenario) you will not encounter any other slaves during your visit. I especially expect you to exercise discretion when arriving at and leaving My location.

photo’s or videos will be taken during the session unless you have expressly consented to this.  Some slaves actively enjoy being photographed and/or filmed to appear on My social media & OnlyFans profiles but your anonymity & confidentiality will always be respected (a mask or hood can be worn if you do agree to be filmed/photographed).  If you do agree to be photographed or filmed, I may at My discretion send you the resulting images and/or video-clips for your own personal viewing enjoyment if you request Me to do so.

My OnlyFans profile is where you will find exclusive content including images & videos (many taken during actual sessions in My playroom).  A monthly subscription will not only permit you to see new content as it is uploaded but will also give you access to My extensive back-catalogue of Fem-Dom videos & images.

I will consider chastity-device key-holding, for which a minimum monthly tribute of £100 is required.  Once you are secured within your device (photographic evidence of such will be required) you will be instructed to send Me the key for your chastity-device so that I may wear it on a chain around My neck and (depending upon the individual chastity contract terms) may include e-mail, text or video messages with instructions relating to tasks I wish you to carry-out to My complete satisfaction.

you may e-mail Me initially with your suitably respectful request for Me to consider holding your chastity-device key, proposing your contract terms & tribute for My due consideration.

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