On being summoned to attend an appraisal interview in My private study to explain why pornography has been discovered on your office computer, you will likely arrive to find Me power-dressed in a smart, tight-fitting business suit over black Agent Provocateur lingerie teamed with seamed, stockings, suspenders & spike-heeled Louboutins ready to will grill you about the reasons for your transgression, before making it clear that if you wish to keep your job then you will need to make sure that I am fully satisfied of your value as an employee…!

You will be ordered to strip naked before whilst I remove My jacket, skirt & blouse and order you to bend over My mahogany desk where you will suffer whatever punishment I may decide to mete out to teach you a lesson, using My hand, cane, riding-crop or leather belt.

I may well then advise you that I intends to use your body for My own personal pleasure & amusement and that your tongue (and even possibly your erection) will be My own personal sex-toys to use in any way I may desire! A particular advocate of ‘Queening’ I would likely then remove My panties and straddle your face, in order that you may use your tongue to pleasure Me to orgasm (or more likely, multiple orgasms) until I am totally satisfied.

Ready to Play?