You will be instructed to attend an appointment at My clinic for a private consultation in My capacity as a Sex-Therapist, perhaps due to the fact that you have been having trouble ‘getting it up’ and/or satisfying women sexually. I can be extremely demanding in My style of ‘hands-on’ therapy techniques and accept no excuses for shortcomings but My highly successful results in treating all manner of sexual dysfunctions speak for themselves, so you may place yourself in My expert hands with complete confidence.

I will likely greet you dressed in a crisp white tunic over black lace lingerie comprising quarter-cup bra & thong, teamed with seamed stockings, suspenders & stilettos and following a probing interview about your sexual practices & experiences, I will instruct you to strip, ready to undergo a thorough & highly personal intimate examination. I will then stimulate your penis to ensure that you are fully erect before putting you through a series of assessments which could involve cunnilingus, fellatio (and perhaps even more!) in an attempt to get to the bottom of your sexual failings until I am completely satisfied in every way!

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