My Location & Facilities…

My Location:  I live the life of a full-time lifestyle Mistress at My luxurious private abode set in the Kent countryside just three miles from M20/J9 which is in turn a little over half-an-hour’s drive from the Dartford Crossing/M25. I have private off-road parking right outside My front door and I will send you full & clear directions once an appointment has been confirmed.

My location is situated ten minutes from Ashford International station which is in turn 37 minutes on the High-Speed rail service from St Pancras station in central London.  I am situated a ten-minute taxi ride from Ashford International station.


Local Travel Directions…

If you’re coming from the Kent UK area, then take a look at the following pages for travel directions via car and train.
London | Canterbury | Maidstone | Dover.

Travelling from Abroad

If travelling to see Me from Europe, I am situated just a ten-minute taxi ride from the Eurostar station at Ashford International. Should you wish to arrange overnight accommodation, I am situated just half a kilometre from a Holiday Inn hotel.

My Playroom:  Is a spacious (300 sq ft) high-ceilinged, purpose-designed, high-tech chamber – where I subjugate males for My own pleasure & amusement!  I have full-length wall mirrors running the whole length of one wall which coupled with the ambient mood-lighting is designed to create the perfect heady atmosphere of sensual excitement mixed with a frisson of nervous trepidation.  I have invested in only the very highest quality equipment (no rickety home-made ‘dungeon’ paraphernalia here!) so the glint of stainless-steel implements displayed in illuminated glass cabinets with heavy leather whips & restraints hanging on chrome rails will both excite & unnerve you in equal measure. Only I use My playroom, so it is exclusive to Me and the equipment has been carefully curated to enable Me to reflect My own taste & preferences with everything easily at hand to be utilised during a session.

My playroom furniture includes:

  • St Andrews Cross
  • Solid Steel Confinement Cage
  • Fetters Steel Bondage Table & Rack
  • ‘Queening’ Throne
  • Suspension Sling
  • Whipping Bench
  • Worship Throne
  • Glory-Hole

I also have a myriad of other equipment including a Generation F Male-Milking machine with integrated electrics, a mains-powered Fucking-Machine, a ‘Humiliator’ Gag system with full range of accessories (all imported especially from the USA) plus a full range of Electra-Stim electrics equipment (including Butt-Plugs, Cock-Rings, steel Strap-On, Pinwheels & Probes etc) Violet Wand, Collars, Cuffs, Spreaders, several Strap-Ons, Dildos and all manner of equipment enabling Me to cater for most tastes & situations.

My Outdoor Play SpaceIs a paved area accessible directly from my playroom which is completely secluded, affording a perfect area for outdoor activities (especially ‘watersports’) and a solar-heated outdoor shower.  This area is equipped with a leather suspension-sling and multiple securing-rings where slaves can be whipped or subjected to other ‘treatments’ in the open-air (if it is raining, I will likely wear My transparent PVC coat or if it is cold, my (faux) fur coat.

My Inner SanctumIs an intimate private room to which I take only those slaves who I deem worthy of being totally used as My own personal sex-toy, as this is where I indulge My wildest sexual desires.  Equipped with a huge latex-covered bed under a mirrored ceiling with restraints at each corner for Me to use in securing a naked & helpless slave spread-eagled in order for me to use his body totally. Of course, I have every imaginable sex-toy at hand and am highly proficient at using a slave to ensure that my lust is fully satisfied in every way before he is finally released from his ‘duties’ between my thighs!

In short, I have every possible facility that a lifestyle Mistress could ever wish to have at her disposal in which to fully exploit those submissive males lucky enough to be granted the opportunity to offer themselves to be used in any way that I may choose – see My ‘Sessions’ tab for further details.

Ready to Play?