Arse Worshipping Session with Mistress Carly, Kent, UK

Arse Worship is a sub genre of Body Worship and also a thing I really enjoy my subs performing when they book a session with Me at my dungeon studio in Ashford, Kent, UK. The term Body Worship refers to an action My slaves and submissive’s perform in which they revere a particular party of my body. In this case it is My arse that you will be on your knees adoring, worshipping and begging for. It’s an extremely popular for of worship and one I actively encourage in My playroom.

The Basics of an Arse Worshipping Session

When it comes to Arse Worship, the most common position a sub will be in when it’s performed is laying prostrate. This means your body will be stretched out with your face on the ground, ready to adore and worship at My bidding. Then you will be instructed on what I want you to do, which can include licking, kissing or sucking My arse. You will only do what you are told, when you are told to. Any deviation of My orders will lead to punishment.

Normally during this process I will remain passive and let you show Me just how much you admire My arse by highly praising it. If I feel you need additional encouragement, I may verbally or physically instruct you until you have satisfied My needs fully. I take the act of Arse Worship incredibly seriously and I expect you to do the same.

The Different Kinds Of Arse Worship

There are a few different ways and positions in which I prefer to have you worshipping My arse. If you are a first time worshipper you may educate yourself now on some of the more common techniques.

From Behind Position: This act of worship involves you being prone on your front with My arse facing upward in front of you. On my command you will bury your face into my arse as an act of true worship. If another Domme is present, control will be taken away from you and your head will be pushed into place as an act of dominance.

Back to the Wall Position: As my sub, you will begin by sitting on the floor with your back towards the wall. When I feel like the time is right and that you’re ready to please Me, I will back up towards you and present My arse for worshipping, smothering your face in the process.

The ‘Crab’ Position: For a more experienced sub, I will allow you to attempt The Crab Position. This entails that you lay on your back. I will then lower My arse onto your face as I squat above you, covering your mouth and nose completely as I rub My arse all over your face.

The Seated Position: A simple way for you to be able to fully worship My arse is for Myself to be sitting on a chair, either sideways or in a riding position. You will then be ordered to get on your knees behind Me and then begin to worship My arse in that position.

These are just a few of the things that are available in My Arse Worshipping Domination Sessions. Click the button below to book a session with Me and make sure to follow the instructions given carefully.

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