Caning Session with Mistress Carly

Do you feel like you’ve earned a Caning session and the sensation of my cane thrashing down on your bare buttocks? Then maybe it’s time you visited my BDSM dungeon in Ashford, Kent UK.

What is BDSM Caning?

Caning is a painful practise that I enjoy as part of your Mistress worshipping duties. In it’s raw form, Caning is the art of me repeatedly striking you, My submissive, with a variety of different instruments and more often than not, with a Cane. The act of Caning is not meant to only cause pain though, as some of you are not so familiar with the act may think. It’s used in a way that allows Me to allow My submissive to walk a thin line between pleasure and pain.

The Basics of Caning

The end result of this session will be for Me to have My submissive feeling a heightened response to both pleasure and pain, with the softest touch able to bring ecstasy or agony depending on how I see fit. This is achieved by using a variety of different width Canes. The thinner style Cane will give a sharper, more stinging sensation of pain as it bites at your buttocks. A thicker cane however will feel more like a thud or a slap.

There are many options when it comes to choosing the right Cane with a variety of different material types. These include Stainless Steel, Nylon, Rattan, Fiberglass and even Bamboo. I may let My submissive decide which to use if I am feeling particularly generous, although this is rarely the case!

A Typical Caning Session

As an example of how a caning session with Mistress Carly will progress, I will often opt to strip My submissive completely naked, effectively removing any protective padding and also stripping you of your dignity at the same time. I will then proceed to examine and critique My submissive and then order them to adopt the required position.

For this example, I will have you bent over a bench with your arms outstretched & bound, and your bare buttocks completely exposed. I will then begin your punishment. I may opt to go straight into it and give your arse a good thrashing, or take My time and build up the pleasure and pain at the same time.

Request a Caning Session with Mistress Carly

To request a Caning session at My playroom, located in Kent UK, contact Me now by clicking the button below. Make sure to read the rules and complete your application correctly.

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