Chastity with Mistress Carly, UK Dominatrix

The dictionary defines chastity as being the practice of refraining from sexual-intercourse. In the realms of a BDSM relationship this is usually further explained as a Dominant prohibiting their slave from indulging in sexual intercourse and/or masturbation or even sexual practices of any kind. This is two-fold in that not only does it demonstrate the Dom’s power over the sub’ but it also proves his (or her) total devotion to their superior.

Your Chastity Is In My Complete Control

I will as a matter of routine, prohibit slave’s from ejaculation for a period of up to a week immediately prior to their attendance for a session with Me, as this will ensure that their balls are fully charged and they will be desperate to cum. I will then use this to My advantage by teasing & edging them during the session, making them beg Me for release – which will enable Me to see just how discomfort they will be willing to receive at my hands, all for being permitted the sweet pleasure of ejaculating heavily when (or rather if) I finally give them permission to squirt. This also has the added advantage of ensuring that when I do permit them to cum, they will produce a spectacularly heavy & copious load for Me!

Of course, as I tend to hold sessions in my playroom whilst clad in minimalistic attire, it is not uncommon for a slave locked in chastity to beg me to unlock him, as the sight of My voluptuous body is causing his cock to start swelling and the edges of the metal contraption digging into his soft delicate flesh are causing him intense pain! I usually just laugh and tease the poor wretch even more by exposing My big firm 36″DD breasts in front of his face, causing his cock to attempt to swell even more, simply laughing as he cries out in agony!

Earn Your Place As My Chastity Play Thing

I have several slaves who I retain in permanent chastity by fitting a steel cage to their genitals which is impossible to remove but which will still allow the wearer to urinate. These chastity-devices are secured in place with a small steel padlock – to which I retain the key (worn on a silver chain around My neck) so that they are unable to remove it and are effectively sealed in chastity between visits, so that I have complete control over their sex-lives. The devices fit tightly and are not designed for comfort, so the wearer will experience extreme discomfort should their penis even become slightly aroused and of course attaining a full erection is simply not possible.

Once I have locked a slave into a chastity device and sent him off home at the end of a session without the key, he knows that I own him completely and My power over him is there for him to see (and feel) at all times – even whilst he is going about his daily life with his little cock locked away under his everyday clothing. I’m sometimes asked what would happen should a slave locked in chastity have to attend hospital or the suchlike and his secret is subsequently discovered during an examination. I just laugh and say “Who cares” because I certainly don’t!

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