Electrical Play with Mistress Carly, UK Dominatrix

Electrical play is any type of BDSM play where electricity is used on the body to create different sensations. The most common electrical toys are neon /violet wands and specialist units comprising a power-pack/control-box with various types of electrodes which permit the Domme to send shocks of varying intensity to any art of the sub’s body with the press of a button. Both neon wands and violet wands use static electricity to create a “shocking” feeling on the skin, whilst specialist toys such as the Electra-Stim range are more powerful and can deliver shocks to specially-designed accessories, such as steel butt-plugs, cock-rings, sounds, probes and dildos.

What Is Electrical Play

Electrical play is fairly common among BDSM, as it can be incredibly versatile and used in a variety of scenes. A skilled Domme will develop skills in gradually increasing the intensity of shocks that She can deliver to the various parts of a sub’s body and will undoubtedly delight in using the power that the simple press of a button on the control-box to deliver a painful jolt to Her slave affords Her.

Mistress Carly’s Electrical Play Equipment

I have invested in the highest quality electrics equipment to be used in My playroom and I do indeed rate the use of electrics as being one of My favourite pastimes. I have the full range of accessories and enjoy building electrics into many aspects of My playroom sessions. It’s such fun to see the look of fear in a slave’s eyes once I have him secured helplessly spread eagled on My St Andrews cross with electrodes attached to his balls as I settle Myself into My plush red throne directly in front of him with the control-box in My hand. We both know that with the simple press of My finger on the red button the box will send an electric shock down the cables that run from it to the electrodes on his body but only I know when I’m going to press it, for how long I’m going to press it – and at what power I have the dial set to. The tension is delicious and I love being in total control!

Try Mistress Carly’s Electrical Strap-On

One of My preferred electrics ‘toys’ is My stainless-steel strap-on – there’s little to beat fitting this beauty into its’ leather harness and securing it to My hips so that it protrudes from My groin like a gleaming steel cock. Plugging it into the control-box (which I can clip onto the leather harness for easy access) I delight in piercing a prone slave’s puckered little hole whilst he is strapped helplessly ‘arse-up onto My steel bondage-bench ready for Me to use him like a slut.

Once inside, I will thrust My metal ‘cock’ into his anus with increasing vigour to build-up momentum and then, just when the poor little wretch thinks it’s all getting too much to bear I will reach down to the control-box…and deliver a powerful electric shock deep up his arse! Of course, the more he squeals in protest, the more I will simply laugh and crank up the power, jabbing at the ‘shock’ button as & when it amuses Me to and watching his body jolt & jerk as & fuck him with My strap-on and deliver shock, after shock, after shock into his body! Strangely, only a few subs have managed to stay conscious past the setting of ‘8’ on my power-box – could you take My electric strap-on all the way up to ’10’? well, you’re more than welcome to come and try…(lol)

Ready to Play?