Forced Masturbation Session With Mistress Carly

A popular practice in BDSM scenarios, forced masturbation involves play in which a Dominant forces the submissive to masturbate in front of them. The practice can be used as a form of humiliation by requiring the submissive to masturbate in public or perform embarrassing or degrading acts on themselves while being watched. The Domme is able to inflict further “torture” on the submissive by incorporating additional forced play into the scene.

It’s Never Hard To Force An Orgasm

One of the most popular forms of this play includes forced orgasm. Forced orgasms may involve the submissive having an orgasm that occurs either against the will of the submissive or without the Domme’s permission. This can be solo play, or it could be at the hands (or tools) of the Dominant. Orgasm is not necessarily the main goal of a forced masturbation scene. These sorts of scenarios can take both a more rewarding tone and a punishing tone depending on the scene or the dynamic.

Individuals may be drawn to this type of play due to the extreme power dynamics. As a Dominant I have full control over My submissive(s) during forced play. For a submissive, giving up control during forced play dynamics is an alluring prospect.

My Slaves Always Stand To Attention

Strangely, slaves are invariably erect whilst sessioning with Me in My playroom – probably due to the fact that I favour wearing fetish attire (often minimalist) in latex or leather which shows off My curvaceous figure to its’ very best. I also often don expensive (Agent Provocateur) lingerie teamed with suspenders & seamed-stockings plus spike-heeled Louboutins for more sexually-charged sessions – and sometimes I even enjoy asserting My power over a slave by being completely naked other than for a pair of stilettos or thigh-boots. Obviously, this has the effect of allowing My slaves to enjoy feasting their eyes on My incredible body, so it is no wonder that they sport throbbing erections whilst in My presence.

So, I often incorporate Forced Masturbation into My sessions, ordering a naked slave to stand in front of Me & masturbate whilst I recline on My throne to watch. I will tell him how hard & fast, or slowly to wank and may also instruct him to insert a butt-plug or carry-out other demeaning acts upon himself for My amusement. SPH (Small Penis Humiliation) lends itself quite well to this situation as can I openly laugh at the poor wretch’s penis and insult him verbally over the size of his endowment (or rather the lack of!)

Ready to Play?