Online Skype & Phone Sessions

For those who are not able to visit Me in person, I will consider offering on-line sessions via SKYPE and phone sessions. The cost for an initial thirty-minute on-line session is £150 – which needs to be paid in advance via on-line bank transfer. Upon satisfactory completion of an initial thirty-minute session, I may then decide to allow extended future on-line sessions at My discretion.

On-Line sessions will be conducted by Me from My fully-equipped playroom and I will consider requests as to what attire you would like Me to wear for our liaison. You of course, will be naked. The sessions can be tailored to suit any of My role-play scenarios as detailed in My ACTIVITIES & ROLE-PLAYS tab.

You will also need to download the (free) SKYPE app to your ‘phone/tablet or computer if you do not already have it.

Telephone Domination sessions can also be arranged – use My contact page to ascertain My availability, making it clear you are requesting a Telephone session and for what duration. 

My required tributes for pre-booked telephone sessions are £85 for fifteen minutes or £125 for thirty minutes – I will advise you how to make payment of the appropriate tribute in order to secure your telephone session appointment.

Once a time/date for a Telephone Domination session has been agreed, I will send you My private number, which you should call at the specified time, when I shall be waiting in anticipation of your call.

How To Arrange An Online Skype Session

To arrange an on-line session you should first contact Me via e-mail suggesting a time/date to ascertain My availability. Once I have confirmed My availability and we have agreed a time & date, I will furnish you with My bank details in order for you to make payment of your tribute.

Upon receipt of your tribute I will invite you to submit details of your interests & any equipment that you may have available for our session. At the agreed time, I will then send you an invitation for a video call via SKYPE in order that we will both be able to see & hear one another.

Ready to Play?