Domestic Duties With Mistress Carly

This is self-explanatory really as the practice involves the carrying-out of domestic duties such as cleaning, gardening, etc. in My playroom and/or luxurious country home. Basically, you will be my unpaid maid and I will expect you to carry out all and any tasks that I may decide to set you – no matter how distasteful they may be! My garden is quite secluded which affords Me the option to send slaves outside to work naked whilst I watch from the warmth & comfort of My window – especially amusing in the winter months when the weather is wet & cold!

Perform Your Domestic Duties Well

You will basically be My unpaid maid and I will likely dress you in a maid’s uniform or simply have you carry out your chores naked but for a small pinafore apron – perhaps teamed with stockings, suspenders & stilettos if it may amuse Me to see you so attired. Domestic Duties are often included as an extension of an enforced-feminisation scenario whereby I will dress up a slave as a slutty woman using make-up, wigs and female clothing, plus I have a selection of body-prosthetics including realistic silicon breasts and vagina which can be worn to further enhance the visual effect.

I have some specially made equipment (sourced from the USA) which incorporates a selection of different attachments that clip onto a mouth-gag harness. Once this is fitted securely to a slave’s head, I can easily snap-on various devices including an ashtray, a toilet-roll holder, a scrubbing-brush, a toilet-brush, etc. etc. all of which are designed to permit a slave to carry-out cleaning & other duties for his Mistress. However, you should be aware that I accept only the very highest standards of excellence and should you fail to carry out your duties to My complete satisfaction, you will expect to be punished! I often like to oversee a maid whilst ‘she’ is working and if I feel that you need some encouragement as I stride by clad in just My spike-heeled stilettos, you may expect to feel the searing sting of My whip on your bare buttocks or the intense pain of a powerful kick to your scrotum from My boot!

Serve My Friends In Your Maids Outfit

Occasionally domestic duties may include waiting on Me as I bathe or dine and perhaps even making & serving refreshments should one of My lady-friends decide to pay me a visit. This generally leads into humiliation, whereby we would ridicule your physique (especially your penis) and order you to perform for us in some way – perhaps carrying-out demeaning tasks whilst we watch so that we can laugh as you amuse us with your efforts.

I have a selection of maids that I call on to attend and carry out Domestic Duties whenever I require them and will often extend a session in My playroom by permitting the slave to act as My maid afterwards at no additional cost to them – a privilege to be savoured!

Ready to Play?