Foot & Shoe Worship With Mistress Carly, UK Domme

A foot fetish is a sexual interest in feet. The interest can relate to the size, shape, or smell of the foot as well as any adornments on the feet, such as toe rings. A foot fetishist may also enjoy touching and kissing feet. It is mostly a male fetish and is also known as foot partialism, foot worship, or podophilia.

Understand What Foot & Shoe Worship Is

Shoe / Boot worship is an extreme love of shoes and/or boots observed in BDSM practices. A submissive partner generally displays boot worship while the dominant partner wears the worshiped footwear. Boot worship is closely related to a foot fetish. Traditionally, kissing and licking someone’s foot is considered an extreme form of humiliation due to the low stature of the feet. Shoe/Boot worship plays with this idea and takes the humiliation to a sexual place. The submissive partner willingly worships the shoes or boots, sniffing them, licking them, kissing them, and cleaning them.

The ritual cleaning of a dominant partner’s boots is known as boot blacking. The submissive partner will polish and spit-shine the boots often using their own undergarments to achieve a glossy finish. While it’s a common part of boot worship, it might also mark the beginning of a BDSM or military role-playing session. Sometimes boot worshipers even suck the leather shoes or boots of their dominant partner, in a fashion which mimics oral sex. The sub might also lie down so their master or mistress can walk over them wearing the footwear.

Express Yourself With Foot & Shoe Worship

Foot or Shoe/Boot worship can be considered an expression of utter devotion to a dominant partner, an admission of inferiority by the submissive partner, or both. I often incorporate foot and/or shoe/boot worship into sessions as it presents the perfect opportunity for a slave to demonstrate his submission & inferiority to Me by doing so. Watching a slave lovingly work his eager tongue in between My toes or suck My spike-heeled stilettos is also rather arousing I find.

I may even sometimes take such activities to another level, purposefully dirtying My feet or footwear by walking in mud in My garden so that My lucky(?) slave has the task of licking & sucking (and swallowing) every last speck of dirt as I watch. And if he fails to complete his cleaning task to My complete satisfaction he will expect to be punished. However, if he does so to an acceptable level then I may decide to reward him with a foot-wank – although of course, once he has ejaculated copiously all over My feet or shoes/boots he will be expected to clean-up his own mess in similar fashion!

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